How to create QR code via PC & Mobile Phone [Quick & Easy] Beginner’s Guide

Continue reading to discover the wonder of QR codes and how to make your own.

What is a QR Code and How Does It Work?

A QR code is a sort of matrix barcode that was created in 1994 by the Japanese automaker Denso Wave.
A barcode is an optical label that can be read by machines and contains information about the item to which it is attached.

What QR code look like:

QR code for

To test it, you can simply scan above QR code with your QR scanner app available in your mobile phone or use another any device to scan QR. The QR code above will redirect you to the website

Note: There are varieties of QR code shape, colors, adding logo inside. it’s mean that you can customize your own QR code based on your desire. You able to change foreground QR code color by single color, color gradient and custom eye color. You capable to change even background color of your QR code.

How to customize design QR code?

To customize QR code design you able to effort change body shape, eye frame shape and eye ball shape. and for the last but not the least you can adding your logo such as company logo, website logo, social media logo at the center of QR code. modifying QR code looks so fabulous.

customize qr code design

Many QR code generators available online such as,,, and and pay attention carefully based on my experienced i printed QR code for labeling and recently released that my QR code expired “Your 14-day trial has ended” as a user we must be smart by selecting where allow us to use QR code for long live. to identify QR code generator with expired time frame you can see from the URL given. if the URL given is short. it’s mean they provide limited access for QR code generate. Select best QR code generator which offer the original URL.

QR code generator also provided a lot on play store. you can choose one suit with your necessity. to apply QR code through application is simple like on website. just choose on of them than try to create one of QR code by your own.

QR code generator on play store

How to create QR code?

As i told previously creating QR code can be through website, android app or ios.

Via website follow these steps below:

  • Step 1. Open you web browser installed on your computer and type one of QR code generators i mentioned before such as I’ll use it to demonstrate. Apply that URL on your browser and you will redirect to main page like on below. To based on URL select URL than input your URL on available field and QR code generate automatically on right side on screen. afterward, you can download the QR code on your local computer.
QR code generator
  • Step 2. You able to customize your own QR code by setting colors foreground or background. adding logo image on center on QR code. Customizing design like body shape, eye frame shape, eye ball shape. Finally, generating QR code have done.

via android phone to generate QR code following these steps below:

  • Step your play store type on searh field “qr code generator” select one of the search result than tap on install button.
  • Step 2. To illustrate the method i used QR code reader app which able to scan and generate QR by choosing create with pencil icon, next further select one option on the lists.
QR code reader
  • Step 3. For example i selected URL website. On create page select URL option and insert your URL tap on checkmark than QR generated. Finally, you can use the QR code.
Create QR code

Now, How to place QR code generated?

placing QR code on eye catching space which some one easy to find and scan QR code. For example: i put my QR code on label which i attach while any one bought my product hoping buyer when scan my QR code will be redirect to my eCommerce or marketplace.

Or you can place QR code on invitation card with the location generate into QR code while any one want to know the location of your party or wedding invitation,they just scan QR code.

Question: why we need QR code otherwise putting link google map will help people to reach target location.

Answer: placing QR code more aesthetic than link provided. With QR we can customize QR code otherwise placing link can’t be modify.

However, some alterations may make it more difficult for QR code scanning tools and smartphone cameras to read the code correctly. To be safe, generate two versions of your QR code – one plain and one with your selected design.

Check that the QR code can be scanned.

Remember to verify to see if the QR code reads correctly, and use more than one QR code reader.
A excellent place to start is with Google Lens, a free application that captures an image and then informs you what link or object it “reads to.”

The app QR Code Reader, which automatically sends you to whatever it “reads,” is another wonderful free utility. Most smartphones now contain a built-in QR code scanner, so check to see if your code is viewable there as well.

Make Your QR Code Now!

It’s now your time! You’ve already spent time scanning QR codes, so why not create your own? To get your business, project, or event out there in the real world, follow the steps in this article and utilize one of the free QR code generators we’ve recommended.

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