How to connect & Setup OBS studio with ZOOM meetings

In this tutorial, you will learn how to send video and audio from to .

  1. Open zoom, go to “zoom settings” click on video. the uncheck: Original ratio, HD, Mirror my video, Touch my appearance and adjust for low light.
  2. Click no in “Advanced” at the bottom, set the “Video Rendering Method” to “Direct3D11”
  3. On your desktop: right click in a place without any desktop icons, choose “Display Settings”, scroll down to “Scale and layout” write your “display resolution” down.
  4. Go to OBS, click on “Settings”, “Video”, then select/type the Display resolution you wrote down before. Click on “Apply”, “OK”
  5. Go to, download and install the virtual audio cable
  6. Open OBS studio, than go to “Settings”, sort “Audio”. in “Advanced”, select “Cable Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)” in “Monitoring Device”, finally click on “OK”.
    NOTE: if you cannot see the “Cable input, VB-Audio Virtual Cable” as active in both “Output devices” and “Input Devices” Then, restart OBS.
  7. For every OBS sources that you would like the audio to be sent to the Zoom, click on gear/configuration icon in “Audio Mixer”, select “Advanced Audio Properties”, Change the “Audio Monitoring” to “Monitor Output”. Use the audio slider to keep all volumes in green, otherwise it will be loud for students.
  8. The following filters and settings are recommended for each one of your audio sources like your microphone.
  9. Prepare your OBS Scenes and Sources, click on “Start Virtual Camera”
  10. Open your Zoom meeting, deactivate the Zoom camera. Select the “Cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)” as your Zoom Microphone (NOT as your speaker!), active it.
    Now, click on “Share Screen”, go to “Advanced”, check both “Share sound” and “Optimize video for video clip”, then select “Content from 2ND Camera”, finally click “Share”. if needed, click on “Switch Camera” button in the top left until you find the OBS virtual camera (Give it few second to load).
    after you find the OBS virtual camera feed, double click on the shared screen to reduce its size, then minimize the window so you can have access to all Zoom tools like chat, breakout rooms, record…then click on “More”, “Show Video Panel” so you can see your students

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