How to cartoon yourself using free apps

There are many of photo editing apps available on many platforms like websites and mobile apps. As a users we must selective to choose which one of the apps suit for us. Photo editor apps are provided free and paid version. in this article we would like to show you the free apps version which we can find them on webpage like picsart or through mobile applications like .

To change the photo or image to be cartoon is very easy, we don’t need a particular skill to edit photo using software like a photoshop. And also we don’t use to be skillful for drawing. all we do only upload image or photo than the photo will be automatically converting into cartoon mode. easy right…

Turn Photo into Cartoon

All of the photo editor apps use AI Technology. no any skill to edit photo into cartoon just upload and let’s AI-technology works for us. wait a minute the result of cartooning process works and we can see preview of photo cartoon. If we not satisfy with the result of cartooning you can customize it but need skill like pro in photo editor and commonly an app provided option to edit cartoon photo like added features such as adjusting brightness, sharpness, saturation, contrast and so on.

Now, what the free apps we can apply to create cartoon our photo.

  1. Picsart
Convert photo to cartoon

By using picsart we can convert photo to cartoon instantly. just upload photo and wait a minute your photo will automatically turn into cartoon. Picsart also offer background remover which we can remove background of photo and we can change by another background. another product we can apply for free like sticker maker, remove object, photo effects, collage maker, background changer and so on. In this website you not only edit photo but can be video such as video trimmer, slideshow maker, add audio to video, add text to video all of these features can be use for free.

How to cartoon yourself using Picsart? Click on upload button, select photo from local drive, then click on open button. just wait the process of converting using AI technology is starting wait till complete than you can preview the result less than 5 minutes. this tool works like a magic. right…

Cartoon not identic to kids which like cartoon more. but now as adult we also can taste how fun and enjoy, fresh and colorful creation.

Is it only Picsart to cartoon photo? No, there are many website that provide similar such Picsart do and next i would like also provide another webpage which we can use to make a cartoon. You able to try Dreamscope, Superphoto, Photo lab, cartoon camera, Prisma photo editor, cartoon photo, camart, photo effects pro, me!, PopCam, Befunky Photo Editor, Pencil Sketch effects, Pencil sketch, Comica, Fotor, Snapseed, Camera360, Pixlr and Cymera. I got the list of the websites for converting photo to cartoon from kendajaya website to know the detail about the apps you can check out by visiting the website.

All of those websites offers the way how to cartoon yourself or make a photo into cartoon but they also provide another features like converting photo into sketch. You can try the webpage by accessing through search engine and type the name of websites mentioned above. By trying yourself you can decide what the pros and cons of every application mentioned previously. Afterward, you can share the photo which already converting into cartoon or sketch or panting and told them how to make it.

Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo

Now, let’s talk about Voila mobile app which you can download this app via play store for android phone and apple store for ios. As a free app version offers a lot of features on app. Viola offers paid version to get converting more faster but according to my opinion when i try this app the free version is enough for us to convert a photo into cartoon, sketch, be a start, prehistoric, portrait 3D cartoon, Renaissance, beauty painting, 2D cartoon, KPOP toon and caricature.

For first time based on the topic above about how to create photo into cartoon instantly then you able to try 3D cartoon. By selecting the photo on gallery of your phone or select camera to capture your phone or select celebrities’ button to get the celebrities photo next you can turn a celebrity’s photo into 3D cartoon.

By using this app you can get stunning portrait sketched. Start to use this stunning tool to sketch your photo looks fantastic and fabulous. Another amazing features of this app is like Be A Star make your photo look as stunning as Old Hollywood Stars, Supermodels and A-listers in this mind-blowing AI magic.

About Prehistoric in this app can turn your phone look 40,000 years ago. and you can see how wonder of AI magic taking you through past centuries. than what are another wonderful feature offers with this app. Ok, don’t be worry, the app offers interesting tools for their users well-known this app in play store already downloaded by more than 10.000.000 users and i hope the one of the 10 million is you.

transform photo into portrait 3D cartoon like movie character we watched on film. Capture a good photo of yourself then use this tool to transform the photo into 3D cartoon portrait. and teste how wonder is AI technology combined with human skill to convert a photo into 3D cartoon is looks so amaze. What are you waiting for. please soon to download this app from play store or apple store begin to transform yourself photo into many shapes and creations.

To explore and expand this app you can suddenly install application on your mobile phone. if you capture a good moment than you can turn than wonderful moment into cartoon, sketch, painting and so on. finally, i hope this article help you to know or to understand how to cartoon yourself. by transforming photo into cartoon you can need special skill like mastering photo editor software but what you require is only upload available photon on your gallery and turn it into cartoon wait till AI technology, and human skill works by automatically transform image into 3D cartoon. Have a nice try! thank you

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