How to beat the Stony Cliff Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Path of Legends

The first Titan that players meet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Klawf, the Cliff Titan. Now is the time to discuss its defeat.

Titan Pokemon are a brand-new raid battle feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Throughout the whole game, players will have to find and defeat these monster Pokémon.

However, locating these Titans can be difficult for those who need assistance determining where to look. This guide will assist players of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in locating and defeating the Stony Cliff Titan.

How to Track Down the Stony Cliff Giant

The Stony Cliff Titan is the easiest of these Titan Pokémon to locate. The location of the Stony Cliff Titan can be determined by opening the Rotom Map feature and navigating to the South Province, specifically to Area Three, where there is a marker indicating where the Stony Cliff Titan should be.

A small flag will appear at the top of the player’s screen when they click on the indicator, pointing them in the direction of the Titan. Eventually, players should stumble upon a mountain where a colossal Klawf is casually lounging.

When players approach the Titan, it will flee toward the summit of the mountain. The players will then ascend the mountain to finally confront it.

How To Defeat Titan Stony Cliff

Klawf is a pure Rock-type Pokémon with multiple exploitable weaknesses. Rock-type Pokémon are vulnerable to Water, Grass, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-type moves, so many Pokémon can be used against it. Klawf is roughly level 15, but deals damage equivalent to a level 20 Pokémon, so players should not get too comfortable when battling it, particularly if they are just beginning their journey.

After sustaining sufficient damage, the Titan will retreat to the base of the mountain where it was first encountered. Pursue it to initiate the second phase of the battle.

Phase 2 of Stony Cliff Titan Klawf

The second phase of the battle against the Titan will commence upon descending the mountain. Klawf will rip a hole in the side of the mountain and consume a small portion of the Herba Mystica that Arven had been searching for. It appears to gain strength after consuming the herb, and Arven will join you in the second phase of the battle. With its HP restored, Klawf is now more lethal than ever, including double the force of its attacks.

Players should now Terastallize their Pokemon to defeat the Titan as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Arven’s participation in the battle benefits the player, as the Titan will occasionally target Arven’s Shellder. Utilize these opportunities to inflict sufficient damage and bring down the Stony Cliff titan.

After-Battle Benefits

After the player and Arven beat the Titan, they look into the hole that was made. There, they find the Herba Mystica that Arven had been looking for. After eats it, it gets the ability to dash, which makes it a faster way to get around. By beating the other Titan Pokémon, Koraidon will be able to get his health back and learn new skills.

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