How To Beat The Lurking Steel Titan Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Path of Legends

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2022)

The third Titan Pokemon encountered in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is Orthworm, the Steel Titan that lurks in the shadows. Here is how to overcome it.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the company reintroduced the super-sized Pokemon feature in the form of Titan Pokemon, demonstrating that it had heeded fan feedback regarding these creatures. Players are tasked with locating and defeating all five of these colossal Pokémon, including the one known as the Looming Steel Titan, before they can cause any further trouble.

However, locating and defeating this Titan can be difficult if players attempt to do so too early. This guide will help Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players locate and defeat Orthworm, the Steel Titan who lurks in the shadows.

How to Locate the Hiding Steel Giant

The Lurking Steel Titan is located in East Province, Area Three, on the eastern side of the map. A node will be displayed on-screen indicating the general location of the Titan. By selecting the node, a tracker will appear pointing in the direction where the Titan is located. Upon arrival, players will observe a vast tunnel network with numerous entrances and exits; however, for the time being, they should remain in the center and avoid the tunnels.

Eventually, they will encounter what appears to be a Pokemon’s enormous head. This is, in fact, the Lurking Steel Titan, from which the players will play a game of hide and seek until the Titan finally emerges from the ground. Here is an example of how it will appear:

How To Conquer Steel Titan Orthworm

When the Titan emerges from one of the tunnels, battle must commence. The Lurking Steel Titan, also known as Orthworm, is a Steel-type Pokémon with a level of 30. The trainers’ team size should generally be in the mid-twenties to have a fighting chance against the Titan.

Steel-types are especially susceptible to moves of the Fire, Fighting, and Ground types, while they are extremely effective against the Rock, Fairy, and Ice types. As with previous Titan battles, the initial phase resembles a standard Pokemon battle, and as long as the trainer’s Pokemon is roughly of the same level as stated previously, the fight should not be too difficult. After sustaining sufficient damage, Orthworm will retreat to begin phase 2.

Steel Titan Orthworm Looming, Phase 2

The second phase is the most intriguing. After Orthworm retreats and consumes a portion of the nearby Herba Mystica, its health is restored and its stats are increased, making it faster, stronger, and more difficult to defeat. However, Arven will now join the party with his Toedscool, which should make the battle a bit easier since Orthworm will target it instead of the players’ Pokémon. Utilizing every opportunity to inflict as much damage as possible, players should ultimately defeat the Looming Steel Titan. Using the previously mentioned types that are extremely effective against Steel will achieve the desired result.

Make Koraidon/Miraidon Stronger

As is customary, after defeating the Titan, players can now feed their Koraidon or Miraidon a portion of the Herba Mystica to help them regain strength. In this instance, the jump height of this Koraidon increased. Koraidon and Miraidon will regain their true abilities after vanquishing all five Titan Pokémon.

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