How to Beat Grusha in Scarlet and Violet (Glaseado Gym Guide)

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Grusha and her team of Ice-types can cause problems for unprepared players, but with the proper strategy, the battle is relatively straightforward.

Assuming that players are following the recommended gym order in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Glaseado should be the final gym visited before the Pokemon League invitation. Those who have already beaten the Earthquaking Titan and unlocked Fly can get to the gym by flying back to the Pokemon Center in Montenevera and then going south. For everyone else, however, this entails yet another ascent of the icy and snowy Glaseado Mountain.

Players will find very little upon their arrival in Glaseado, with only a gym, a battle arena, and a Pokemon Center in the small settlement. Those interested in such things can enjoy a magnificent view of Paldea, however. As with the other seven gyms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players must pass a special test in order to challenge Grusha, an Ice-type trainer.

Preparing for the Glaseado Fitness Center

Grusha predominantly employs Ice-type Pokémon, which suggests that Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel-type Pokémon can be useful. However, Beartic’s knowledge of Aqua Jet and Earthquake and Cetitan’s access to Liquidation make this an ideal gym for Fighting-type Pokemon, so players should bring their strongest Pokémon, if only for battling the first three members of Grusha’s team.

Nonetheless, a powerful Fire-type can still be useful against Frosmoth and Altaria, so those who chose Fuecoco as their starter Pokemon should bring along Skeledirge. Flareon can be found in the nearby Dalizapa Passage by everyone else. Primeape, whose Low Kick attack can one-shot Beartick due to the latter’s immense weight, is another useful option available to players from the beginning of the game onwards. Lastly, similar to the previous gym, using Houndstone with its Last Respects move after the rest of the player’s team has been defeated can one-shot Grusha’s Tera Altaria, making it an excellent last resort.

How to Pass the Glaseado Physical Fitness Test (Snow Slope Run!)

The Glaseado Gym test requires players to ride their Legendary Pokemon down a slope in less than 90 seconds. There are a few gates that players can pass through, but doing so seems to have no effect other than perhaps highlighting the quickest route, so they shouldn’t worry too much if they miss one or two. Even uncoordinated players can complete the run with approximately fifty percent of the allotted time remaining.

How to Defeat Grusha at the Gym in Glaseado

As Grusha always begins battles by having Frosmoth use Tailwind, players should aim to lead with a relatively swift Pokemon. The good news is that if players are faster than Frosmoth or have access to a powerful priority move, a good Fire-type attack will knock it out in one hit. After defeating Frosmoth, players should switch to a Fighting-type Pokémon to deal with Beartic and then quickly eliminate Cetitan, also using a Fighting-type Pokémon (it’s a fairly heavy Pokemon, so Low Kick can be quite effective).

To combat Tera Altaria, players should select a physical attacker with a reasonable amount of speed, while also targeting its weakness (which, after Grusha Terastallizes, becomes either Fighting, Fire, Rock, or Steel-type attacks). It is important to note, however, that Moonblast and Hurricane will decimate Fighting-type Pokémon, so players will likely want to use a Fire, Rock, or Steel-type Pokémon against Grusha’s final Pokemon. Houndstone should be able to defeat Altaria with Last Respects if all else fails.

After the battle, players will receive 8,640 in prize money and the badge of the Glaseado Gym. Assuming this is their final badge, they can now train Pokemon of any level, and it will be much easier for them to capture high-level Pokemon in the wild. Grusha will also equip them with TM124, Ice Spinner, a physically damaging Ice-type attack. Geeta and Nemona will appear in the lobby, and the Pokemon League will be marked on the player’s map.

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