How to Add Videos on steam & Linking YouTube Account [Quick & Easy] Beginner’s Guide

To link or connect YouTube account to steam to add videos on it. it’s can be done now. We’ll now discuss how to easily link your YouTube account as this is probably the first time you’ve heard of this option.

How to add videos on steam by linking YouTube account and Steam

To add videos to your steam account, you should link your Steam account with YouTube. Of course, it’s nothing spectacular, but a lot of people would think this is cool. Because there is no ability to add Steam material to YouTube, the advantages are one-sided in this case.

You may have noticed a lot of daily videos about your favorite games when browsing Steam community pages. The majority of these videos come from other players of the game; however, there is no opportunity for you to upload your own recordings.

the question now is could we upload video on steam directly, the answer is not, but we can upload videos on steam community through YouTube account by linking it to Steam account and we will be ask for authorization to connect YouTube to steam with the requirements that we able to upload our videos from our YouTube channel and make sure that all the videos are should be “public”.

Let’s start out tutorial how to connect or link YouTube to steam account?

  • Step 1. First of all, Open your steam client or app installed on your computer. Do you have steam client? if is not, you can open your web browser type on search field and download green button written install steam with download icon beside located at the top right of steam page. download it, than follow the instructions while installing software or application. Finally, open your steam client by double click on steam shortcut.
download & install steam client
  • Step 2. On Steam login input your steam account name and password correctly. Click on login button. If you don;t have steam account please create a new one by clicking on “Create a new account” button. and follow all instructions available on screen.
create a new account on steam login
  • Step 3. if you logged in successfully into steam account. on steam menu click on your profile name. in the picture below my profile name is KEMALIFE. On the right sidebar under “Currently Online” navigate your cursor to videos option than click it.
steam profile and videos
  • Step 4. Click on button “Access your YouTube videos” and you will be ask Authorization click on “Allow” button. Finally, your YouTube channel & steam account linked or connected. Note: if you failed to connect with notification the browser you used is not secure. you able to access steam website by typing on search browser. click on login link provided on top right corner of steam page. after login follow the steps previously mentioned or click on “Access your YouTube videos”
Access your YouTube videos
  • Step 5.Congratulation, your YouTube channel now connected with steam account. – Select videos to add. – Associate the videos with a game. Add it to your profile.

Now you able to add your videos on steam community this way can drive traffic into your YouTube channel. Thank you for reading my post if you have any question and suggestion please don’t be hesitate to leave the comment below. Probably providing tutorial unclear you can contact us and leave comment. have a nice try. see you for next guide articles.

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