How to Add and Create Emotes for Twitch

When the gamers needs more than words to express and communicate among each others. Emotes are the best solution to bridge communication between the gamers. You can use them to have fun in chat rooms or to show your support for other creators. It’s also a good way to distinguish your channel and gain more subscribers. In this article explains how to add and create emotes into chat on platform.

How to Add and Create Emotes on Twitch

How to Add Emotes on Twitch

Every Twitch users interested to add emotes on their chat room to make chatting atmosphere more fun and enjoy by sending emote to another user. For example when a user want to laugh to another users they only send emote laugh they don’t need to write ha ha ha on chat room.

You can use some great Twitch emotes in chat across the entire platform, but creators can also add their own. Emotes can be added to Twitch via the Creator Dashboard and used by both Twitch Affiliates and Partners. Because you cannot add emotes with a basic Twitch account, you must level up to Affiliate or Partner status.

Note: Creating emote for twitch can be use image editing app to resize and crop the size the image must be square with the size just about 112x112px and 4096x4096px. Maximum file size is 1MB.

How to add emote on your twitch account? before you need to check if your account is partner or affiliate if not you are not eligible to add emote on chat room. To add emote by following these steps:

Creator Dashboard on Twitch
  1. On top corner of your Twitch account find photo profile or avatar. Click on it, then navigate to Creator Dashboard option and click it.
  2. On Creator Dashboard at the left-panel or sidebar select Viewer Rewards and click on drop-down arrow afterward select emotes.
  3. Under Subscriber Emotes click on plus button under Tier 1.

Important: For Tier 2 and 3 added emotes only provided for viewers who subscribe at those levels. Depend on your Twitch account progress as a Twitch partner or affiliate you probably able to access animated emotes and Bit emotes.

4. On Tier 1 standard emote page, you can upload twitch emote by clicking on upload icon.

5. Select emote file from where you place the file then click open.

6. If you are satisfied with emote preview, for the next further type the name of your emote on emote code field provided afterward click upload button.

Attention: If you are not preferred with your emote preview, the easiest way by clicking on Auto-resize tab. Resize the image using image editing software provided to 112x112px, 56x56px and 28x28px versions of your emote than by uploading one by one the emote.

7. To add additional emote. just following those steps from 1 to 6.

Remember: Standard Twitch account only can add emote with limited number, but if you are eligible to Affiliate and Partners Twitch account you able to add emote more than standard account.

Twitch will add the emotes to your channel automatically after about 48 hours. Of course, some creators can avoid the wait if they meet the criteria listed below.

For Affiliates:

  • As an Affiliate over the course of 2 years and had amount of 60 days streaming.
  • No suspensions or warnings for infringement policy at least 60 days.
  • Since Streaming no denied or removed emote in the previous 60 days.

For Partners:

  • Accepting the Partner status approximately with minimum 60 days.
  • No violating Terms of Service or Community Guidelines since minimum 60 days.

Attention: If your emote was denied, Commonly, the reasons due to failed to follow the requirements and community guideline so you should pay attention the lists below, when you want to make your own emote:

  • Don’t create an emote with a symbol or recognized as an insult or offensive imagery.
  • Avoiding threats of violence or harassment when making an emote for Twitch.
  • Since creating an emote stay away from violence or sexual content.
  • Don’t create an emote by promoting drug abuse and other criminal policy.
  • Keeping away from excessive political statements.
  • Now allowed to add individual characters it’s can be image or text.
  • Respect intellectual property of other people’s logos and No copyright infringement.

Which account status can add emote on Twitch?

By checking account Twitch status such as Standard, Affiliate or Partners. If your Twitch account is standard you are not allow to add emote on Twitch, but if your account are affiliate or Partners you able to add emote with different amount to add emote on Twitch.

If your account is Partners you able to add emote modifier to tier 2 and tier 3. Another ability you can add cheer motes. Partners had a high level comparing with affiliate cause partners can add a lot more than affiliate.

In the previous paragraph mentioned that affiliate had a lower rank than partners. so affiliate only allow to add emote on tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 subscribers with limited number. Affiliate can add bit tier emotes, but only after a viewer cheers a specific quantity of bits.

How to add emote without being affiliate or partners?

Eligible to add emote only two options offers by Twitch being affiliate or partners. If you are not one of these options don’t worry there are another ways like as a viewer you need to subscribe your favorite streamers then you able to use their emotes on cross chat. Another alternative by subscribing Twitch Turbo to get special emotes.

The last one alternative to get emotes by installing plugin Better Twitch TV browser. BTTV plugin users can apply strange things like PepeHands or OMEGALUL and catJAM probably you have ever seen this emotes on chat room.

How to Install BTTV plugin by following the steps below:

  • Go heading BTTV site.
  • Download plugin or add-ons based on Browser you are commonly using.
BTTV add-ons web browser
  • Click add to Firefox button if you are using Mozilla Firefox browser. If you use another browser just follow the instruction to add plugin in web browser.
ADD-ONS BetterTTV for Twitch
  • Next further step, Click on add button to add betterTTV on extension
Add betterTTV in extention of browser
  • Allow permission button to add BetterTTV plugin installed on Twitch.
  • Check plugin by going to photo profile and navigate to BetterTTV. next, select the option to setup BetterTTV.
BetterTTV settings
  • On BetterTTV Settings page scroll down the page find usernames under usernames make sure all three options are check-marked.
Setup BetterTTV
  • By following step by step on above method Now, you can able to use BetterTTV emotes on chat room on Twitch.

As long as you follow to the formatting rules and don’t do violation toward the Community Guideline. Chat with another gamers more enjoy and fun when using emote to express your emotion. You can hire an expert to design or create an emote for your channel and if you not required to create your own emote please don’t be sad please, cause, there are still a lot of ways that we can do as i mentioned previously above or use global emotes.


Could i add emotes on Twitch to account?

Absolutely, Yes. you able to add emotes from Twitch to Discord by following these steps. Open Discord installed on your computer. At the Bottom of Discord screen Find Gear icon beside headphone icon. On the left sidebar, select connection tab, On connection page select an app you want to connect or select Twitch icon. If you click on Twitch icon, will start to synchronize Twitch with Discord Account. Afterward, To go Discord channel and Find Discord Name > Server Settings > Integrations > Connect. The last step turn on Use External Emojis in the Server Settings section.

Connecting Discord to Twitch

How long emotes will be accept on Twitch after adding?
Since submitting emotes to Twitch, Based on moderation queue Twitch will be review manually your emote soon to make sure that your emote not infringement violation and community guideline.
They will complete review just about two days long. just relax if your emote eligible what required by Twitch they will soon approve your own emote.

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