How Each Sword Enchantment Stacks Up in Minecraft

Swords are an indispensable tool for any Minecraft player. Here are the most important enchantments for the old, reliable blade.

In Minecraft, swords continue to be the primary weapon of many players. It is the best way for a player to stay alive, survive the night, and defeat enemies hiding in the caves. However, as enemies become more formidable and the player enters challenging dungeons such as End Cities and the Bastion Remnant, the need for an enchanted sword grows.

In Minecraft, there are ten possible enchantments for swords. The majority can be obtained from the enchantment table. However, players must carefully consider which enchantments to place on their sword, particularly their diamond or Netherite one, as not all are equally useful. This list ranks all sword enchantments in Minecraft from worst to best.

Updated on September 22, 2022, by Anastasia Maillot: Over the years, Mojang has focused on world generation with the Caves & Cliffs Update and the Wild Update, so enchantments in Minecraft have changed little. While some specialized ones, such as Swift Sneak, have been added, sword enchantments have remained largely unchanged. In addition, swords have remained the best and most potent weapons in the game due to their ease of use and the potency of certain enchantments they can receive. A table has been added to the article that summarizes the levels of each sword enchantment in Minecraft and their respective enchantment methods. In addition, some spells have received additional information.

Every Sword Enchantment

Enchantment NameAvailable LevelsEnchantment Method
Curse of VanishingOnly one.Only through the anvil using an enchanted book.
Bane of ArthropodsI, II, III, IV, V (level V achieved by combing enchanted books)Through the anvil with an enchanted book or the enchantment table.
KnockbackI, IIThrough the anvil with an enchanted book or the enchantment table.
SmiteI, II, III, IV, V (level V achieved by combing enchanted books)Through the anvil with an enchanted book or the enchantment table.
Fire AspectI, IIThrough the anvil with an enchanted book or the enchantment table.
Sweeping EdgeI, II, IIIThrough the anvil with an enchanted book or the enchantment table.
UnbreakingI, II, IIIThrough the anvil with an enchanted book or the enchantment table.
SharpnessI, II, III, IV, V (level V achieved by combing enchanted books)Through the anvil with an enchanted book or the enchantment table.
LootingI, II, IIIThrough the anvil with an enchanted book or the enchantment table.
MendingOnly one.Only through the anvil using an enchanted book.

Curse Of Disappearing

The Curse of Vanishing is more of an annoyance than an actual spell. Any sword affected by this curse will vanish if the player dies and his inventory is dropped. Even though there are ways to counteract this, such as placing the sword in a shulker box, it is still extremely inconvenient.

By definition, any sword with this enchantment is not worth keeping. At the very least, not for extended use. Nonetheless, players may occasionally encounter this annoying curse on loot they find in the wild. If the Curse of Vanishing is paired with a respectable second enchantment, players can continue to wield the sword, but should be aware that they will lose it upon death.

Pests To Arthropods

The Bane of Arthropods enchantment is a very specialized Minecraft enchantment. It enhances the damage done by enchanted swords to spiders. This is useful in very specific circumstances, such as spider farms.

Due to the fact that spider farms are already somewhat difficult to construct and aren’t the best XP or item farms to begin with, this enchantment will be of little use to players. It is best to ignore these enchantments, which only affect a specific type of mob, in favor of more general enchantments that affect all types of mobs.


Knockback is an enchantment that effectively pushes affected enemies away from the player. This is sometimes useful, especially if players are easily overwhelmed by a large number of enemies and must maintain a safe distance. As Creepers and Illagers deal significant damage at close range, Knockback can be a lifesaver against them.

In general, however, Knockback is not the best enchantment to obtain, as it can push enemies into lava. This implies that players will lose any potential loot from their kills, which is a nuisance. Knockback is more of a preference for players, but for novices facing stronger foes, it can be an acceptable option.


Smite is an average Minecraft enchantment that is effective against all undead enemies, including skeletons, zombies, wither skeletons, and the Wither himself. In fact, players who intend to cultivate Wither skeletons or defeat the Wither should purchase a Smite sword.

However, as a general-purpose sword, Smite is still a bit too situational. There are superior enchantments that players should try to acquire. However, if one must choose only one mob-specific enchantment, Smite is far superior to Bane of Arthropods, as it affects multiple mob types.

Fire Facet

Fire Aspect is an average enchantment that causes a target to catch fire. It has both advantages and disadvantages on a sword. Any passive enemies, such as cows, sheep, and chickens, will drop cooked versions of their meat when struck by a sword with a Fire Aspect. This makes Fire Aspect swords ideal for food , as no cooking is necessary.

However, Fire Aspect is generally subpar against hostile mobs. It is a nice touch to a sword, but nothing extraordinary.

Sweeping Edge

In Minecraft, Sweeping Edge is a slightly above-average enchantment. Due to players’ lack of understanding of the game’s combat mechanics, it is largely underrated by fans. If the player knows what they’re doing, sweeping attacks can be incredibly effective against enemies.

The enchantment Sweeping Edge increases the damage of sweeping attacks. Its versatility means that all enemy types are affected by the damage enhancement. While standing still, players can perform a sweep attack by charging their attack meter above 80%. This allows them to simultaneously strike multiple foes while pushing them back. It is most effective when used against a horde of enemies, which can occur in the new massive, mob-infested caves.


Unbreakable is a fairly common enchantment in the game, but its utility should not be underestimated. It is a requirement for any equipment that players wish to use for an extended period of time. It essentially increases the number of times a sword can be used on a target before it wears out or breaks.

Prior to learning Mending, Unbreaking is the best way to preserve a player’s favorite equipment. It is not the most impressive secondary enchantment, but it is essential for a good sword.


Sharpness is one of the best Minecraft enchantments. A high Sharpness enchantment is one of the best dice rolls a player can make on a sword, particularly a diamond or Netherite one. Sharpness increases the overall damage done by a sword against all foes.

Sharpness is one of the most important enchantments to acquire in Minecraft due to its versatility. It is superior to the Sweeping Edge enchantment by a wide margin because it does not require a sweeping attack for the damage boost to take effect.


Even though the primary function of a sword is to kill, killing monsters in Minecraft is essential due to the loot they drop. Particularly towards the endgame, players will be seeking a large quantity of mob drops, specifically gunpowder, in order to craft fireworks to enable their elytra.

Thus, Looting comes into play. Looting is an extremely potent enchantment that increases the quantity and quality of loot that mobs drop. Rare drops such as wither skeleton skulls and rabbit’s feet require a high Looting sword, so having one on hand is practically a requirement for Minecraft players.


Mending is still considered the best enchantment in Minecraft as of version 1.17. The primary reason for this is its ability to render all equipment immortal. A sword with Mending can be used indefinitely, so long as the player refills its durability bar with experience points.

Due to the overpowered nature of Mending, it is impossible to obtain this enchantment from the enchanting table. Instead, players must find it in a loot chest, catch one while fishing, or trade with a villager Librarian. In any case, acquiring a sword with Mending requires a great deal of effort and , but it is well worth it because it guarantees the sword will last forever.

Minecraft was released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and many other platforms on November 16, 2021.

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