Guide: How to Open Dumpster to find Scientist’s Research Notes and Paradise Quest in Fortnite Game

This guide will help players locate the last of The Scientist’s notes and complete a Paradise Quest by searching an open dumpster.

One of the recently added Paradise Quests instructs players to search an open dumpster for The Scientist’s final research notes. Although this quest can be completed in a variety of locations, there is no in-game marker for players to follow. This may leave some players confused about where to find an open dumpster in Fortnite, so this guide is intended to clear up any confusion.

Fortnite: Search a Dumpster for The Scientist’s Last Research Notes.

Target Tainted Towers, a named location near the center of Fortnite’s map, if you’re looking for an open dumpster. On the map that follows are marked a few of the dumpsters that can be found at this popular location.

After locating a dumpster, Fortnite players must approach it and press the on-screen button to “hide.” This will cause the player character to leap into the container, and during the corresponding animation, an object will be expelled from the container. To complete this Paradise Quest, players must simply emerge from the dumpster and interact with this object, which contains the research notes.

After locating the last of The Scientist’s research notes in an open dumpster, players will be told to await further instructions. The next time a fan begins a match and enters Fortnite’s Battle Bus, they will receive these instructions and be instructed to speak with Agent Jones. To complete this task, players must travel to Fort Jonesy in the southeast of the map, where an NPC will instruct them to find the approval code in a Research Laboratory.

The approval codes appear as a note on the ground, and players will receive waypoints that make it easy to locate a Research Lab. Upon interacting with the note, fans will be instructed to enter the authorization code on the computer located in the center of the Research Lab. The relevant approval code is written on the walls of this computer for those players who may be uncertain as to what they must enter.

Note that Fortnite Chapter 3 will conclude on Saturday, December 3. This means that players do not have much time left to complete Paradise Quests, and fans who are still attempting to unlock seasonal Battle Pass items should complete the challenges outlined in this guide as soon as possible.

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