[Guide] How to Get a Free Loading Screen with Refracted Light in Fortnite Chapter 4

This guide will assist players in obtaining the Refractured Light loading screen, which became available at the beginning of .

Fortnite loading screen
Fortnite loading screen

Prior to the release of Fortnite Season 4, players were able to preview a variety of skins, weapons, and other items that would become available with the launch of the new season. To access these previews, fans were required to enter a series of coordinates into Fortnite’s Chapter 4 website, after which they were given a code. This guide is intended to assist players in claiming the free Refractured Light loading screen using the aforementioned code.

How to Unlock Free Chapter 4 Loading Screen in Fortnite

The initial step in claiming the Refractured Light loading screen is to visit the redemption website of Epic Games. After navigating to this website, players will be instructed to redeem their product. Before pressing REDEEM, they must enter the following code: PQVER-SBM7G-NEFB6-98BWW. Fans must then click the blue SIGN IN button, enter the credentials associated with their Fortnite account, and the Chapter 4 loading screen will be unlocked.

Players can now launch Fortnite and should see a rewards screen indicating that the Refractured Light loading screen has been issued. Although it is possible to equip the loading screen directly from this rewards screen, it is also possible to do so from the Locker. Therefore, fans need not worry if they clicked through the rewards screen quickly, as they can wear it whenever it is convenient.

However, the Refractured Light code will expire on December 12, 2022, leaving players with only one week to redeem it. This indicates that fans should not wait too long before visiting the redemption website, lest they miss out on this free Fortnite loading screen. The Augment Tutorial and Oathbound quests, both of which offer cosmetic rewards, can be viewed in-game for further information.

In addition to the Refractured Light loading screen, players may find that they have received a number of additional rewards. The Chapter 4 Island Theme and some free V-Bucks may appear on the rewards screen. Among these additional rewards, the free V-Bucks are likely to be the most appealing. Fans may not be able to purchase the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass with these free V-Bucks alone, but they are still a generous gift.

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