Guide How to Fly in an Octane Continuously in Fortnite Video Game

This guide will assist players in completing a Fortnite that requires them to continuously 100 meters in an Octane.

How to Fly in Fortnite

The Octane vehicle from Rocket League is now available in the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite, and a series of quests encourage players to use it. One of these High Octane Quests requires players to continuously fly 100 meters in an Octane. This guide will provide insight on how to approach this particular High Octane Quest in Fortnite for those players who may be struggling with it.

How to fly 100 meters in an Octane in Fortnite Game

Octane Location

There are numerous Octane vehicles scattered across the Fortnite map, but one is in a particularly advantageous location for completing this challenge. This vehicle is located specifically on the beach southeast of Herald’s Sanctum. For complete clarity, the location of this vehicle has been marked on the map below, and players working on this quest should land there at the start of each match.

After locating and boarding this vehicle, players should head northeast to The Last Legs, a nearby Fortnite landmark. On the south side of this statue is a Chrome ramp that ends at Boost, and fans should drive up it while hitting Boost near the top. This action sends players and their Octanes into an upward draft that surrounds The Last Legs, allowing them to travel further than they could otherwise.

Using the vehicle’s Boost and Jump features to extend the flight as much as possible is all that remains. If a Fortnite player fails on their first attempt, they are able to return to the ramp beneath The Last Legs and try again. In fact, the ability to make multiple attempts is the reason why this specific location is recommended, and players should complete the “fly 100 meters continuously in an Octane” challenge and claim the corresponding reward after only a few jumps.

Notably, there is an Octane on an airborne runway a little to the southwest of the Reality Tree in Fortnite, and it is also a viable option for completing this challenge. In fact, launching off the ramp at the end of this runway is frequently sufficient to complete this High Octane quest. Due to its location above the map, this ramp can only be used once per match, which can be frustrating if a fan’s preliminary jump is insufficient to fly 100 meters.

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