{Guide} Easy Ways How To View How Many Hours You’ve Played On Fortnite Beginner’s Guide

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Fortnite is without a doubt one of the most significant phenomena in gaming history. It took the world by storm when it was released in 2017. The Battle Royale mode had 10 million players in the first two weeks of its release. Within a year, the game had 125 million players worldwide.

The fact that Fortnite is free to download and play has helped it become a hit since it came out. It’s especially appealing to younger gamers, who have better computers and more ways to play games than older gamers.

However, it was the game mechanics and engaging gameplay that drew the players in. Fortnite established itself as a casual, fun game with its cartoonish design, not focusing on hyper-realistic environments to improve immersion.

Because the game is so widely available, chances are you’re one of the players who took the flying bus to the arena. As a result, it’s entirely possible that you’d like to know how much time you’ve spent playing Fortnite.

How To View How Many Hours You’ve Played On Fortnite

Obtaining the Hours

The best way to track your Fortnite hours is to use Epic’s dedicated app, the aptly named “Epic Game Launcher.” The launcher provides a wealth of information about Epic’s games, including a list of all the games you’ve purchased thus far. You can also use the app to buy, install, and launch Epic games.

Of course, if you’ve previously played Fortnite on your computer, you already have the launcher installed. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to play the game because the only way to get started is through Epic’s launcher app.

If you’ve played the game on a friend’s computer and want to play it on your own, simply download Epic Game Launcher from Epic’s website. You can also use this direct link to begin the download right away.

How to Check How Many Hours You’ve Played – PC

Simply follow these steps to determine how much time you’ve spent playing Fortnite:

  1. Launch the Epic Games Launcher application.

To find Epic Games Launcher quickly, type it into the Windows search bar.

  1. In the left-hand menu, select Library.
  2. Locate Fortnite and select the three-dot menu at the bottom.
  3. To the right of You’ve Played, you’ll see how much time you’ve spent playing Fortnite.

Epic Games may display days rather than hours depending on how long you’ve been playing. Simply multiply days by 24 to find out how many hours that is. For example, if you played Fortnite for 12 days, that equals 288 hours.

Awful Lack of Game Stats

It’s important to remember that Fortnite is a highly competitive multiplayer battle arena. With such a large following, players place a high value on game statistics. Unfortunately, this feature has been unreliable since the game’s release.

Epic eventually decided to remove the playtime counter entirely. They wanted to alleviate the strain on their servers caused by this feature. The counter was eventually restored, but it appeared that Epic was unconcerned about players complaining about the lack of this feature.

Third-Party Intervention

Players, like the playtime counter, have consistently advocated for improved game statistics. Due to Epic’s lack of progress in this area, a slew of third-party websites arose, providing players with exactly what they required. They also kept better track of players’ in-game statistics than Epic ever did.

Websites such as FortniteTracker, FortniteScout, and FortniteStats, to name a few, provide a wealth of useful information that can be used to rank all Fortnite players. This makes it simple to locate your own statistics. All you have to do is enter your Epic Games username on the website.

The standings table shows how many kills, wins, and game matches a specific player has attained. It also displays the player’s overall score as well as performance statistics.

The total score represents the number of in-game points earned by players during a match. For example, opening an ammo box earns you 25 points. If you find a gold coin, your score will increase by 100. Victory, on the other hand, awards a whopping 2000 points. And that’s assuming you played alone. If you were part of a squad, you’d get twice as much!

Information such as Kill-to-Death Ratio and Win Ratio reveal how good a player is. If a user has played tens of thousands of matches and has a high performance ratio, you’re looking at a great Fortnite player.

Questions and Answers

This section contains additional answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I see how many hours I’ve spent playing Fortnite on my PlayStation 4?

Sony hasn’t been very cooperative in showing us how much we’ve played. There is a lot you can learn about your time in the game through achievements, but at the time of writing, there is no option for Time Played.

Sony once had a wrap-up feature, but it was short-lived. In theory, you should be able to see your Time Played in the launcher on a computer if you sign up for an Epic Games account (which PlayStation should force you to do anyway). More information on PlayStation’s time played can be found in this article.

Can I see the time spent playing Fortnite on my Xbox One?

At the time of writing, Xbox is slightly more cooperative than PlayStation 4. We have detailed instructions on how to view your Time Played stats here, but in short, go to the Official Club menu and select ‘Stats.’

Can I see the time spent playing Fortnite on Switch?

Yes! Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch makes it simple to view your time spent playing any game. Simply click on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the home screen. Navigate to the profile tab, then scroll down to Fortnite.

You will see Played for *** hours or more here.

Playtime Is Critical

Whether you’re new to Fortnite or a seasoned veteran, it’s a good idea to keep track of how much time you spend playing the game. If you play this casually, you should keep your time limit reasonable and avoid interfering with your daily responsibilities. However, if you want to reach a professional level, your playtime must be maximized!

How useful do you think playtime statistics are? Did you need to install a third-party app? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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