[Guide] Best Ways How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft Step-by-Step for Beginner

Bedrock, which was released nearly a decade ago, added 3,000 fish species, including , Drowned Zombies, and, of course, . So, what makes sea turtles unique? Unlike the majority of the new species, the player can actually breed sea turtles.

Despite the fact that the release has been available for many years, some players still require assistance in learning how to breed sea turtles. This article will teach you how to breed sea turtles and will inform you about this fascinating virtual species.

In Minecraft, fully grown sea turtles frequent the beach biome location. They can be found by walking along the beach or swimming in the water. Of course, you can use a cheat to spawn a turtle or a spawn egg, but this isn’t exactly in the spirit of Minecraft.

How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

Turtle Breeding in Minecraft

Before we get into more specifics about Sea Turtles in Minecraft, let’s look at how to breed them. To breed Sea Turtles, you will require two members of the species as well as at least two Seagrass items.

  1. Discover at least two turtles. Of course, two parent turtles are required to breed turtles.
  2. Dig a sand hole around (at least) two turtles.
  3. Shears for crafting. This item requires two Iron Ingots, which can be obtained by mining Iron Ore. Go to the crafting menu and put one Iron Ore in the second box on the top row of the 33-piece crafting grid. Then, in the second middle row, place the other Iron Ore in the first box. Make Shears now.
  4. Collect Seagrass. The Seagrass should be found near the shoreline, underwater. Put the shears in your hand just like any other weapon or action item in Minecraft. Point to a bed of Seagrass and use the Shears to collect it. You’re going to need at least two of these.
  5. Now, feed Seagrass to each turtle. After you’ve fed both turtles, you should see red hearts appear above them.
  6. The hearts will eventually fade away. Then, one of the two Sea Turtles will begin digging and will lay up to four eggs on the ground.
  7. All that is left now is to wait for the baby Sea Turtles to hatch. They will only hatch at night, so don’t get too excited in the daytime. Feed ten Seagrass items to a baby Sea Turtle to help it grow into an adult.

The Behavior of Sea Turtles and Egg Mechanics

Sea Turtles are Minecraft’s passive creatures. That is, they will not fight back if they are attacked. This is important to remember because the turtles are sometimes attacked by Minecraft creatures ranging from Zombies to Ravagers. If you intend to build a Sea Turtle farm, be prepared to take some precautions. Furthermore, keep in mind that, while Sea Turtles are slow on land, they are fast in water. Knowing this should make it easier to round them up.

Sea Turtle eggs are extremely brittle once laid. If you or another Minecraft entity stands on an egg, it will most likely break. Furthermore, dropping an egg will almost certainly result in it breaking. So be cautious of them. Keep in mind that adult turtles can break eggs as well. Keep the eggs safe and secure.

A fun fact about baby turtles: they are the smallest mob in Minecraft, measuring 0.12 blocks. This is yet another adorable reason for the Sea Turtle mobs to mate.


Do Minecraft turtles naturally reproduce?

No, Sea Turtles only breed in Minecraft if they are fed Seagrass. They will not seek out and consume Seagrass on their own. Turtles must be fed Seagrass and be in close proximity to one another in order to breed.

How do you get turtles to breed on their own?

There is no way to force turtles to reproduce. Seagrass must be fed to them.

In Minecraft, how do turtles lay eggs?

A pregnant turtle will excavate a hole in the sand and lay one to four eggs. It should be noted, however, that each Sea Turtle has a “home.” This is where it first appeared. As a result, a turtle will only lay eggs on the beach where it hatched. Don’t be surprised if you see a turtle struggling to find her way back to her home beach after leaving the love mode.

What can you do in Minecraft with turtles?

Breeding turtles is a cute and fun experience, but cuteness and fun aren’t the only reasons why one might want to breed Sea Turtles. Over time, baby turtles develop into adults (you can feed them 10 Seagrass items to speed things up). They will develop a scute as they mature. Collect five scutes to make a turtle shell, which you can put on and wear underwater to activate the water breathing perk.
Turtle shells can also be used to make “turtle master,” a potion. This potion will bestow Slowness IV and Resistance IV on the player.

Where can you find turtles in Minecraft?

Turtles can be found in the Overworld, especially near the beach/ocean biome. Keep in mind that they will not appear in the area’s snowy variant or on stone shores. They travel in groups of five, with 10% of them being babies. Two to six level seven (or higher) turtles are spawned in Minecraft Bedrock.

Sea Turtle babies do spawn in Minecraft, but it can take a while to come across five of them. Taking control of the situation is the best way to get there.

How long does it take a turtle in Minecraft to lay eggs?

When a turtle returns to its home beach, it will dig a hole in the sand in a matter of seconds and lay eggs in a matter of seconds. The entire laying process takes about 10-30 seconds. However, hatching can take some time and occurs at night.

Why am I unable to breed turtles in Minecraft?

So you’ve captured two or more turtles and successfully mated them, but one of the turtles keeps trying to flee, and neither of the mated turtles lays eggs. As previously stated, a turtle will not lay eggs unless she is on her own home beach. Time will not help either. So, if you want to build a turtle farm, you should do so on a beach. Also, instead of going from beach to beach looking for turtles, look for the local ones.

The advantage is that you’ll end up with a turtle farm with everything you need nearby – Sea Turtles and Seagrass.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, mating Sea Turtles is not difficult. You don’t need many items, and the whole thing can be enjoyable. Aside from being a fun activity, baby turtles shed scutes that can be used to fashion a turtle shell for underwater breathing. You can also make a potion that gives you resilience. The best part is that the scutes are not obtained by killing baby turtles; they are shed as the young turtles mature.

Have you successfully mated two Sea Turtles? Have you encountered any difficulties? Feel free to ask for assistance in the comments section below.

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