Gods of Gravity is now available on the Meta Quest Store

Play God and Conquer the Galaxy! 

Gods of Gravity – the social, arcade-style RTS game where players compete as celestial gods – launches today on the Meta Quest Store for free. 

With intuitive gameplay, Gods of Gravity welcomes VR newcomers but leaves a high skill ceiling for those who wish to master the art of galactic warfare. As a god, you have complete command over your fleet. Effortlessly toss ships between and moons, or open up wormholes to teleport them across the solar system. You’ll spend countless hours battling your friends in casual lobbies or honing your strategic skills to climb the ranked . Experience the thrill of victory and the rush of interplanetary conquest in Gods of Gravity!

Play for Free (Live on the Quest Store at 10 am PT):

Official launch trailer:

Gods of Gravity launch trailer

Developed by Trass Games, Gods of Gravity first launched on App Lab in November 2021 as a casual multiplayer game with competitive potential. Now, after 18 updates and more than two years of active development, the game has evolved into a full-on social experience; a place to hang out with friends (and make new ones), explore dozens of community made maps, or sweat through insane tournaments.

  • Gameplay Elements:
    • 2 to 8 Player Multiplayer:
      • Eliminate your opponents to take control of the solar system
      • Command your own fleet or team up with friends against bots
      • Socialize with spatial voice chat and spectating
    • Single Player Campaign:
      • Take over the galaxy, one solar system at a time
      • Unlock new Gods with game-changing powers
    • Ranked:
      • Fight your way to the top of the ranked leaderboard
      • Compete in live-streamed tournaments
    • Challenges:
      • Earn cosmetic rewards
      • Customize your God’s title and crown

Star Access: For a one-time purchase of $14.99, Star Access brings more content and more ways to play, which unlocks all maps, game modifiers, the complete single player campaign, and dozens of earnable cosmetics.  

Creator Access: For an additional $15.00, those who want to fully customize their experience can upgrade to Creator Access, which lets players create their own custom maps to share with friends or publish to the community. 

Destruction Update coming soon:
The Destruction Update will bring a new god, new game mode, new maps, planet killers, and exclusive cosmetics.

Press Kit:
Contact meta@mightypr.com to request press review codes or press interviews with Trass Games 

About Trass Games:

Trass Games is led by Jack Southard, Nathan Jew, and Steve Shockey, who are dedicated to taking Gods of Gravity to the next level and becoming a successful studio known for delivering amazing VR games. 

The games’ creators, Jack and Nathan, first met in their high school cafeteria and, over the next eight years, challenged themselves to create increasingly absurd and ambitious projects, culminating in the wildly popular “Overboard,” which brought “sharks with frickin’ lasers” to VR, and another project that won an Oculus Start Game Jam. 

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