[Gaming News] With ultra-realistic shaders, Minecraft looks just like real life.

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2023)

This stunning view of Seattle shows how shader packs for Minecraft can make cities look much better.

With ultra-realistic shaders, Minecraft looks just like real life

One player chose to demonstrate how a combination of custom shaders, graphics mods, and texture packs can produce ultra-realistic results. Even with the vanilla version of the game, the unique simplicity of this iconic sandbox enables players to create marvelous, fully realized projects, such as a fully functional version of Microsoft Paint. It is a game that encourages building in unusual ways and thinking outside the box. Over the years, the Minecraft community has been eager to push the limits in every way possible.

Minecraft shader packs are a cultural staple of the game’s modding community. A good shader will make the voxel landscape look amazing, but it will use up the user’s hardware. Shader packs vary a lot in how much they improve Minecraft’s graphics, with some being able to make photorealistic effects. One of these shader packs is used in the screenshot for today, which is a recreation of a real city.

Reddit user u/rudarbtce1974 shared an image of the Pacific Northwest city of Seattle, complete with its iconic Space Needle tower, which may have been recreated in-game as part of Minecraft’s Build The Earth project. The buildings and skyscrapers appear unmistakably realistic at first glance, but the illusion is quickly shattered by the Space Needle and the noticeably blocky trees that surround it.

Undisputedly, shaders perform the majority of the heavy lifting. They elevate and transform the interpretation and rendering of a breathtaking (if not entirely accurate) Minecraft model of Seattle’s skyline. The clever use of a wide field of view aids in selling the illusion by giving the blocky buildings at the picture’s edges the appearance of a gradual curve.

This is not the first time a Minecraft player has attempted to pass off a screenshot of an urban landscape as real life, and there is an entire subculture within the community that collaborates to create hyper-realistic, meticulously accurate recreations of existing cities, such as the 3,000 players who are recreating New York City in Minecraft.

Minecraft’s maximum height has been increased by 128 blocks in version 1.18, much to the delight of city planners. Even though the limit is unlikely to change in future patches, Mojang seems determined to give Minecraft players better and more varied building blocks. Considering that Minecraft Live 2022 will be held on October 15, fans may discover the future sooner rather than later.

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