[Gaming News] Together, Minecraft and BBC Earth are making Frozen Planet 2 Worlds.

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2023)

Mojang has announced that Minecraft: Education Edition will get new worlds to explore thanks to a partnership with BBC’s Frozen Planet 2.

Together, Minecraft and BBC Earth are making Frozen Planet 2 Worlds.

The first of a series of worlds inspired by BBC Earth’s Frozen Planet 2 program will be added to the Education Edition of Minecraft on September 21. Minecraft: Education Edition was released in 2016 with a variety of features designed for classroom use and engaging, interactive student instruction. Players have expressed a desire for some of these fun additions, such as sparklers and balloons, to be incorporated into the original Minecraft.

The first episode of Frozen Planet, a nature documentary series made by the BBC, aired in 2011. It was an instant hit and won a number of awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Series. Because of how well it did, on September 11, 2022, a second series called Frozen Planet 2 came out. The production of the new program’s six episodes took approximately four and a half years.

The combination of the two media makes perfect sense, as both are designed to provide information in an entertaining and digestible format. There will be a total of five unique Frozen Planet 2 maps for Minecraft: Education Edition, with the first map available on the Minecraft Marketplace on September 21. Each new world will have lesson plans that can be used in the classroom and will be available in 29 different languages.

The new game content was created with 80 custom Minecraft blocks and will allow players to view the world from the perspective of a variety of creatures. The collaboration with Frozen Planet 2 will also add eight new animals to Minecraft, including the leopard, bumblebee, walrus, penguin, eagle, polar bear, chameleon, and orca.

The purpose of the Frozen Planet series and this new Minecraft content is to educate players on sustainability, climate change, and the challenges of surviving in these frozen habitats. Consequently, players will be able to assume the role of a natural history film researcher tasked with documenting animal behavior and conducting environmental research. Even the color of the ocean will be slightly altered to reflect reality more accurately.

This is not the first time Mojang has tried to add educational content to Minecraft. International Women’s Day lessons were added to Minecraft: Education Edition, and free content was put out for people who were stuck at home because of the coronavirus outbreak. The game allowed players to explore the International Space Station, learn more about the human eye, and work as a marine biologist, among other activities.

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