[Gaming News] The wandering traders in Minecraft make a strong case for more random things to happen.

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Given Minecraft’s reputation for frequent updates, the Wandering Traders could indicate that random events would be a welcome addition to the game.

The wandering traders in Minecraft make a strong case for more random things to happen.

Since Minecraft has been out of beta for eleven years as of 2022, the majority of its players are now accustomed to the game’s unique experience. Regardless of how fans play the game, the modes available and the challenges they face have remained largely unchanged, with the exception of any mods or resource packs players have added to spice things up.

Obviously, Minecraft’s overall gameplay loop has remained unchanged for quite some time. A few events in the game are designed to surprise the player, such as Wandering Traders spawning near them occasionally if they’re lucky, and a few others occur so infrequently that they may catch unaware players off guard the first time they’re encountered. However, Minecraft could benefit from a greater number of random occurrences than the occasional Trader.

Minecraft’s Gameplay Cycle

Minecraft is quite straightforward; it is exactly what its name implies. Players are able to mine and craft. Survival Mode is the default way to play, and players have a chance of dying on their randomly generated worlds because of enemies and other dangers. Creative Mode lets you explore and build with the game’s materials in a less stressful way. There are some mods and even official DLC for the game that alter this, but in general, there are not many differences between playthroughs and worlds.

Despite the fact that this is not necessarily a bad thing, some players may have found the same gameplay loop rather monotonous over the past few years. Minecraft is a fun game to return to, but fans can only enjoy exploring a new world without too many changes so many times. This may help explain why the Minecraft mod scene is so large. Even though players adore exploring the game’s worlds, some may wish for at least a small change when re-exploring the game’s many biomes. This is where random events can be useful.

Events at Random in Minecraft

The Wandering Trader is currently the only truly random encounter in Minecraft, and his daily appearance still excites some players. Other possible encounters, such as the Skeleton Horsemen or Phantoms, may appear to be random, but they are actually triggered by predetermined conditions. Skeleton Horsemen have a chance to spawn whenever lightning strikes, and Phantoms spawn if the player has not slept or died for three days. The same holds true for all other Minecraft mobs.

Given that the game consists primarily of the same daily routine of mining, crafting, exploring, and sleeping off the perilous nights, more unexpected events could keep even the most seasoned players on their toes. It could also revitalize a gameplay cycle that has been familiar to fans for over a decade, in more ways than the yearly addition of new enemies like the Sniffer. Even something as simple as the respawn of lost rare items or the use of a luck stat to transform a cave system into one filled with challenging enemies and abundant rewards could add new depth to Survival Mode. After such a long time, a change may be precisely what fans need to become enthusiastic about creating new worlds.

Minecraft is no stranger to change, as the game has been updated frequently, with large-scale updates altering key game elements every two years or so. With the Caves and Cliffs update, Minecraft’s caves were modified to reflect the incredible underground systems found in the real world. This update not only introduced new creatures, but also altered the game’s ores. As the title is constantly being revised for the purpose of improvement, it is possible that random events will be added in the future.

While many fans would welcome the addition of random events to the Minecraft universe, others may dislike the idea. After all, it already contains enemies that tend to catch players off guard, such as Creepers and Skeleton archers. In instances of bad luck caused by both new and existing events, the game may become less relaxing and more frustrating. Nonetheless, like many other Minecraft options, random events could be easily implemented as a toggle that players can turn off whenever they choose.

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