[Gaming News] The hats in Minecraft Legends might be a cute addition to the first game.

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Even though it’s a minor feature, it would be nice if the original Minecraft included the hats that Minecraft Legends gives to its mobs.

The hats in Minecraft Legends might be a cute addition to the first game

After only a week since its first gameplay reveal, Minecraft Legends is shaping up to be a very impressive spinoff. Taking the Minecraft franchise into uncharted action-strategy territory, Minecraft Legends appears to be a breath of fresh air not only for the Minecraft franchise, but also for the gaming industry as a whole, as there are not a lot of high-quality action-strategy games being released these days. The adorable mob hats from Minecraft Legends should be implemented in a future update to the main game.

When Minecraft Legends comes out in Spring 2023, players will take on the role of an adventurer who has to protect the Overworld, fight off Piglin forces, and destroy their Nether Portal gates all over the world. To do this, players use a set of building tools that let them build defensive and offensive structures and their own arsenal of weapons. However, the player’s mob army, some of which wear adorable hats, will ultimately determine the outcome of the fight.

Mob Hats from Minecraft Legends Should Be Added to Minecraft.

In Minecraft Legends, the player’s largest and most powerful weapon is the mob army at their disposal. When a player has enough resources, they can tell their Allays to make different places where mobs can spawn. According to the released footage, players will be able to choose from a wide variety of different mob types, including zombies, creepers, golems, and everything in between. Each of these creatures serves a unique purpose in combat, whether it be exploding next to Piglins or rushing a structure at breakneck speed.

A significant proportion of Minecraft Legends’ monsters also wear a small cap. This hat is designed to shield undead mobs from the sun, which is fatal to most of them, and the majority of Minecraft Legends appears to take place during the day. These hats will likely have no effect on the actual gameplay of Minecraft Legends, but they are a nice touch and demonstrate that Mojang still cares about the lore of its own series.

Even though mob hats are a minor feature in Minecraft Legends, they could make their way into Minecraft proper, where they have considerable potential. Mojang could implement hats as a means of capturing and taming mobs in Minecraft. Currently, only Minecraft’s wildlife can be tamed, but the ability to tame hostile mobs such as zombies would add a great deal of gameplay variety.

If players could craft a specific hat for a particular mob and use it on it, it could serve as a means of befriending the creature. After the player gives a creature food or something else it can use, it should follow the player around. It would be fantastic if players could command these monsters as allies, with each monster type serving a unique purpose in the game. Befriending a Creeper, for example, would allow players to control a mobile explosive, and befriending an Enderman would allow players to teleport at will. The player could use zombies to construct a defensive perimeter around their settlement. Even though the hat feature isn’t very important in Minecraft Legends, it could give the original Minecraft a whole new and fun way to play.

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