[Gaming News] The first show of Dream Face Reveal was seen by more than 1.5 million people.

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Dream, a popular Minecraft content creator, shows his face on camera for the first time, drawing a huge crowd.

The first show of Dream Face Reveal was seen by more than 1.5 million people

On October 2, the popular YouTube content creator Dream finally revealed his face, attracting over 1.5 million viewers to the video’s premiere. Since 2014, Dream has maintained a presence on the social media platform, largely due to his Minecraft videos and streams. During this time, he has amassed over 30 million subscribers. However, the YouTuber has never revealed his face, hiding it behind a smiley face mask whenever he has appeared on camera, although he once showed his hair on camera.

Few content creators on Twitch and YouTube conceal their identity from their audience. While some content creators may begin their careers off-camera, the majority show their face sooner rather than later, as it is difficult to thwart the efforts of their fans to discover their identity. Sometimes the mystery surrounding a character’s appearance adds to their mystique, and some creators, such as Corpse Husband, fear that a face reveal would ultimately disappoint fans.

Dream announced at the end of September that he would finally reveal his face, and the anticipation grew rapidly. The announcement on the community tab of his YouTube channel received 360,000 likes. When the video finally debuted on October 2, it attracted more than 1.5 million viewers in less than four minutes. The video has received nearly 10 million views and 1.3 million likes in less than four hours since its debut.

The rationale for Dream’s decision to finally reveal his face is clear and uncomplicated. After years of remaining anonymous, the content creator desires to begin meeting some of the online friends he has made, making it impossible to conceal his identity. The YouTuber provided some insight into how difficult it has been, particularly with people constantly attempting to reveal Dream’s appearance and even dox him. Dream stated in the reveal video, “I’ve been holed up.” “Those attempting to leak my face, to discover what I look like… There are far too many.”

Dream has stated that the face reveal on YouTube will ultimately have little impact on how he creates content, although there may be some videos in which he appears on camera. Because the vast majority of his content consists of Minecraft gameplay footage that does not require a face cam, this will remain largely unchanged.

So far, the reaction to Dream’s face reveal has been mostly positive, which could be a good sign for other social media stars who prefer to stay anonymous. Corpse Husband is another person who makes content but hasn’t shown his face to the public yet. However, in October 2021, a picture that people thought was of him leaked online. Hopefully, the positive reaction to Dream’s face reveal shows that most fans will be supportive and nice if Corpse ever decides to show his face.

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