{Gaming News} Minecraft’s Own Ice Cream Is Coming

Four limited-edition flavors of ice cream inspired by Minecraft’s in-game and blocks will be made available to players.

Minecraft’s Own Ice Cream Is Coming

Over the course of its existence, Minecraft has collaborated with a number of snack and food companies, and now it’s adding ice cream to that list. It appears that the collaborations between Minecraft and its partners have been successful, and it’s likely that fans will receive more Minecraft-inspired food in the future.

There is a wide range of ages playing Minecraft, from the very young to the elderly, so it makes sense for there to be a variety of food brands and types based on the game. Those who are attempting to make healthier choices should find these ice creams to be an excellent option.

These new Minecraft ice cream flavors are a collaboration between Minecraft and snack brand N!CK’S. Each of the four flavors is based on a food or item from the Minecraft video game. Enchanted Apple Pie, Cake Blocka, Peanot Choklad Glowdust, and Emerald Minta are the available flavors. Notably, these are lower in calories and contain no added sugar, making them suitable for a ketogenic diet with only 4-5 grams of carbohydrates per pint. In keeping with the Minecraft theme, the company’s pints are packaged in square containers resembling Minecraft blocks.

Fans who were hoping to locate these in stores will be out of luck. The Minecraft ice cream flavors are only available online, with home delivery. Each pint costs $9.99, but purchasers who purchase any of the Minecraft-themed bundles of flavors will receive a free additional flavor that is not Minecraft-themed. However, due to the frozen nature of the products and the shipping-only option, fans will not be forced to purchase these items from secondary sellers, who often overcharge for limited releases.

N!CK’S has only existed since 2017, but the company has already made waves with its products, becoming “the number one direct-to-consumer pint ice cream delivery brand in the United States since July 2021.” In addition, the N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream press release notes that both companies originated in Sweden, which likely played a role in bringing them together.

Previous and current Minecraft food products include Eggo waffles and Minecraft Cereal. As with many other popular games, partnerships are common and appear to be advantageous for both game companies and manufacturers. However, it is somewhat uncommon to find a healthy diet-friendly option, so those who typically cannot indulge in the snacks typically associated with games have a new option here.

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