[Gaming News] Minecraft is adding a set of bamboo wood that can be used to make rafts.

can now be used to craft new items, including a new type of boat, thanks to a new wood type coming in the next Minecraft update.

Minecraft is adding a set of bamboo wood that can be used to make rafts

Yesterday’s Minecraft Live event gave fans a preview of several new features coming in the next major Minecraft update, including a new type of wood made from bamboo that will allow players to decorate their worlds with a variety of new blocks and items, as well as the raft, a new type of boat. This year’s major Minecraft event had a lot to show off, including an in-depth look at the upcoming Minecraft Legends and a sneak peek at the upcoming season of Minecraft Dungeons.

Notably, the name of the Minecraft 1.20 update was not revealed at the event, and some fans were confused by how little content was shown compared to recent update reveals. One of the game’s developers, Brandon Pearce, said on Twitter that Mojang wanted to be more careful about announcing new content so that it wouldn’t overpromise and fall short on new features.

In addition to hanging signs, chiseled bookcases, and a new camel mob, Mojang revealed that players will soon be able to craft a new type of wood using bamboo. In addition to the usual blocks, slabs, stairs, fences, and doors, players will be able to add even more interesting things to their worlds while exploring the Minecraft oceans in a new kind of boat. The raft, a new type of boat made from bamboo, will look different from other boats, but it will do the same things as other boats. This includes being able to attach a to it, so that adventurers can bring back even more loot.

The addition of seven new default skins in the next Minecraft update, along with the previously mentioned features, suggests that players will soon be able to give their Minecraft creations a great deal more variety and personality. As was the case with the game’s Wild Update earlier this year, as well as previous updates, players can anticipate a theme for this update, though the full list of new features and the update’s official name have yet to be disclosed.

Many players are ecstatic about the new hanging signs and bamboo wood, which will allow them to add a great deal more detail to their structures. Fans of the popular Minecraft franchise have a lot to look forward to in the near future. New updates to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, as well as the release of Minecraft Legends in Spring 2023, are just some of the things they can look forward to.

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