[Gaming News] Funny Secret Console Command Found by Minecraft YouTuber

Despite the number of regular players, it appears that there are still things to discover in Minecraft.

Funny Console Command Found by Minecraft YouTuber

In an effort to continue experimenting with Minecraft, YouTuber Mysticat has discovered an amusing console command that has apparently gone unnoticed for years. The game was released in full in 2011, and despite its age, it is still one of the best-selling video games of 2022, having sold hundreds of millions of copies since its initial release, and the number appears to be rising steadily. However, even with millions of players, there appear to be new discoveries to be made.

For those familiar with the PC version of Minecraft in particular, the console commands can be extremely useful. Using this feature, players can make a few adjustments to their map, such as setting the world’s spawn point, modifying the weather or time, teleporting to a specific location, or granting an individual more administrative privileges. Some players may consider the use of console commands to be a form of cheating, but there are instances, such as this one, in which the console function merely makes for an entertaining playthrough.

In the Minecraft community, Mysticat is known as someone who makes a lot of interesting videos about the game. In this latest one, they find an animation-based console command that maybe not many people know about. The YouTuber said that their version of the game didn’t have the “/playanimation” command, so they had to reinstall the Bedrock Edition to get it to work. Basically, it sets a number of animation parameters that Mysticat was able to use to make funny things happen, like being able to dab or star jump.

The console command has additional amusing effects, such as giving the player character the attributes of a number of enemies, such as the rising animation of a Warden. There have been a few ridiculous Minecraft creations, the majority of which were made by Mysticat. It contributes to the game’s enduring appeal, even after more than a .

It emphasizes the idea that there are still new things to find in Minecraft, and fans seem eager to keep exploring the landscape to find out what else has been hidden. Minecraft is so much more than just an open world in which people can build virtually anything. Obviously, that is what the majority of players are interested in, but this latest discovery keeps the game interesting, and it will be exciting to see what is discovered next.

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