[Gaming News] Eerie Minecraft Datapack Changes the Game to Limbo

A Minecraft user shows off an updated texture pack that makes Mojang’s colorful, blocky game look just like the indie Limbo.

Eerie Minecraft Datapack Changes the Game to Limbo

A Minecraft modder has released an updated version of their datapack. This makes the open-world game look like the 2010 indie hit Limbo, giving the whole game a scary look. Mojang’s iconic release continues to provide players with an outlet for limitless creativity. It features exceptional base-building mechanics, a vast blocky world to explore, and the chance for fans to come along and experiment with the format.

Occasionally, the community itself can have an impact on the game’s development. Recently, Minecraft fans voted for the newest mob to be added, with the Sniffer emerging as the clear winner, joining the Allay, which won in 2021. Despite the game’s age, it continues to soar in terms of popularity and profit potential. In addition to the near-infinite things that players can create, the game’s visuals stand out. With its vivid hues and distinct appearance, it is quite a striking world to behold.

However, user Reppeti has decided to take a different approach and give Minecraft a darker aesthetic. Their datapack is especially influenced by Playdead’s independent masterpiece Limbo. A video demonstrates the game’s eerier visuals and describes its new features. First and foremost, the pack has been made compatible with Minecraft version 1.19. It also supports survival gameplay and has additional structures. The project itself has been available for some time, but it has since been improved and made compatible with newer versions of the game.

Limbo has been recognized as one of the most influential independent video games of all time. The combination of its dark and oppressive atmosphere and its 2D puzzle platforming mechanics made it an instant hit. Even though it was only in black and white, or perhaps because of it, Playdead’s game stood out by combining horror elements with simple gameplay.

In addition to new datapacks created by the community and the addition of new mobs, Minecraft Legends will be released in 2023. This spin-off of the main game will be more of a strategy game, with players tasked with combating the Piglins who have established Nether portals around the globe. It does not appear to matter how old Minecraft becomes. Fans will always show off their own creations, and the company wants to find new ways to use its blocky intellectual property.

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