[Gaming News] Dream says that he will finally do a face

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Dream, a well-known Minecraft YouTuber, says that he will finally show the character’s face in a video this weekend.

Dream says that he will finally do a face
Dream says that he will finally do a face

In a community update, popular YouTuber Dream says that after about three years of wearing a mask, he will soon post a video showing his face. Dream has millions of YouTube subscribers, and his next video will show the face behind the Minecraft character. It may be his most popular video to date.

Dream is well-known for frequently uploading Minecraft videos to YouTube, with many receiving more than 10 million views thanks to his impressive base of over 30 million subscribers. In Dream’s most recent YouTube video, his friends BadBoyHalo, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap chased him around the map in an attempt to defeat him in a speedrunner versus hunter scenario. However, it was what Dream uploaded to his channel afterward that caught the attention of a significant portion of his audience. In a standard text post on his channel that has been liked by more than 262,000 YouTube subscribers since September 19, Dream announced, among other noteworthy information, that his next upload will feature a face reveal.

According to Dream, GeorgeNotFound is moving in with the Dream Team in Florida after obtaining his visa, and they are preparing for a real-life manhunt in Minecraft. Referring to his long-awaited face reveal, Dream stated that “the mask is coming off” and that he “can’t wait to start meeting” his fans once they can put a face to the content. Dream hinted that he is both anxious and excited about upcoming projects, but fans of his YouTube content can expect more “epic Minecraft” in the future, as per his upload schedule to date.

Dream mentioned in a recent Discord conversation that he would prefer to release the much-anticipated face reveal on a weekend, possibly to increase the number of people who can view the video. Dream hinted that this face reveal may occur this weekend or next, depending on when fellow content creator GeorgeNotFound can join the Dream Team in person, thereby increasing the pressure on the English YouTuber to relocate to Florida. GeorgeNotFound confirmed on September 18 that his visa arrived, and his move to Florida has since been in motion.

The most popular response to Dream’s community update about his face reveal was that seeing who is behind the content is not as significant as him meeting his best friend “after almost ten years.” While all of Dream’s current fans know him as the crude smiley-faced character, it has been speculated that future fans will only know him by his real name and not the persona he adopted upon the launch of his channel in 2019

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