[Gaming News] Dream finally shows his face on YouTube.

After eight years of anticipation and numerous hints, the fans of Minecraft YouTuber Dream now know his appearance.

Dream finally shows his face on YouTube.

Over the past few weeks, YouTube content creator Dream teased a face reveal video, and on Sunday night, it was finally released to a massive audience. Since he made his YouTube account in 2014, Dream has kept his identity secret, especially in terms of how he looks.

Dream has amassed approximately 2.7 billion views and over 30 million subscribers on his primary channel. Despite the number of people who have followed him for years and the number of content creators with whom he has collaborated, Dream’s true identity remained one of the internet’s greatest mysteries. On September 19, 2022, Dream that he would reveal his face in his next YouTube video. Sunday evening, Dream did exactly that.

Sunday evening at 9 p.m. Eastern, Dream, best known for his Minecraft videos, uploaded a video titled “Hi, I’m Dream.” Dream and his cat Patches showed off his uploading studio for a few minutes to make people laugh. Dream’s studio contained his bed, his Guinness Book of World Records plaque, and other amusing memorabilia. The hashtag #DreamFaceReveal had been trending on Twitter for days, with users speculating (mostly in jest) about the YouTuber’s actual appearance. One minute and eighteen seconds into the video, Dream finally reveals his true identity. Dream also disclosed that his real name is Clay, and the short video received over 300,000 likes in less than 10 minutes after its release.

Dream is one of YouTube’s pillars, and he explained that the reason he hyped up the big reveal and finally revealed his face was because his friend George was moving into his house, and their video would end up showing Dream anyway. According to Dream, it was optimal to “rip off the bandage.” He had spent the past few days revealing his face to his online friends for the first time, demonstrating that not even his closest friends knew what Dream looked like prior to this week.

Dream stated that he will continue to create similar content to what he has been doing for years. The only significant difference on his channel will be the addition of more IRL content in which fans will see him in person. Dream states that he does not intend to use a for his Minecraft videos, and his potential Twitch career is uncertain.

After five years as a lesser-known YouTuber, Dream’s channel received a substantial boost in 2019. A portion of this audience originated from his (now controversial) speed runs in Minecraft. As his audience grew, more and more people requested to see Dream’s face. In his face reveal video, he also took the time to thank those fans. We don’t know if taking away the mystery of Dream’s appearance will help or hurt his channel, but one thing is for sure: Dream has a lot of appeal if he can get so much social media attention just by showing his face.

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