[Gaming News] Creative Minecraft Player Makes Photorealistic Battleship

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

A resourceful Minecraft player displays a photorealistic recreation of a World War II-era battleship created in Mojang Studios’ block-based construction game.

Creative Minecraft Player Makes Photorealistic Battleship

A courageous Minecraft player has created a historically accurate and visually stunning recreation of one of the World War II-era battleships that participated in Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf. This is not the first time players have drawn inspiration from history in Mojang Studios’ sandbox game; a jaw-dropping recreation of the Battle of Vicksburg in Minecraft is currently being used to teach people about the American Civil War.

Since its debut on PC in 2011 as an obscure indie game, Minecraft has become the best-selling game of all time and has captured the hearts of gamers. With versions of Minecraft available on platforms ranging from mobile phones to consoles, players can construct anything they desire on nearly any device. Minecraft’s simple yet versatile block-based building system enables players to construct anything from functional computers to a full-scale replica of Las Vegas.

Reddit user Speelicious shared screenshots of a nearly photorealistic recreation of an Iowa-class battleship created in Minecraft in a post on r/Minecraft. From the ship’s wake in the water to the ship’s nine 16-inch guns firing an explosive salvo, the attention to detail on the Minecraft model is astounding. Speelicious noted in a response that the historical recreation was available for download by anyone, so that Minecraft enthusiasts could experience it for themselves. Although the battleship was created without the use of additional mods, players who want the same visual experience as the screenshots must download the shader pack used by Speelicious.

Some fans posted images of actual Iowa-class ships to demonstrate how accurately the recreation was crafted. Another poster, fooled by the impressive visuals of the Minecraft battleship in the post preview, stated that they initially believed it to be a photograph until they took a closer look. Gamers are accustomed to seeing recreations of places and objects from fictional properties such as Star Wars in Minecraft, but it is evident from the responses to these images that seeing a piece of history in the game was a truly unique experience for some players.

In the eleven years since the game’s release, Minecraft has proven to be a fertile ground for player creativity, spawning some wildly creative and unique player creations. By allowing players to create nearly anything they can imagine, Mojang’s blocky builder embodies the term “sandbox game” in a way few other games can. Whether players are constructing a massive battleship or simply donning a Kratos skin to intimidate the Creepers, Minecraft is a game that nearly everyone can enjoy.

Minecraft is accessible on the Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One platforms.

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