[Gaming News] Creative Minecraft Player Builds Impressive Docks Inspired by the Game Stray

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

In Minecraft by Mojang, a player can make a detailed city dock area that looks like the one in the sci-fi cat adventure game Stray.

Creative Minecraft Player Builds Impressive Docks Inspired by the Game Stray

A fan of Minecraft has combined two ostensibly disparate IPs by creating a dock area in the game inspired by BlueTwelve Studio’s cat adventure game Stray. Even though Minecraft has been out for eleven years, it is still very popular. One reason for this is that players can build almost anything they can think of.

In contrast, BlueTwelve Studio’s release in July 2022 was a relatively linear experience that enjoyed a surge in popularity. Stray launched as part of the Extra and Premium tiers of PS Plus, granting players access from day one. But the game’s success can be attributed primarily to its combination of engaging gameplay, a rich atmosphere, immersive environments, catchy music, and a tabby cat as the player character.

A Reddit user identified as Junopii posted a series of screenshots of a dock they constructed in Mojang’s blocky universe. Some of the images appear to have been taken directly from the adventure game Stray, such as the kiosk with bar stools lined up along the counter. The image that will be instantly recognizable to Stray fans is the final one, which depicts three orange-and-white-pawed cats, one of which is the game’s protagonist. Even the air conditioning units that the cat uses to climb are depicted in the photograph.

Reddit contains additional images of Junopii’s Minecraft creation.

Even though the other images do not immediately recall BlueTwelve’s game, their inspiration is evident. The world of Stray is extremely vertical, with multi-story buildings and numerous almost imperceptible ledges and boxes for cats to climb. Despite the absence of darkness and neon in Junopii’s rendition, the game’s distinctive upward-bound feeling has been successfully recreated.

Stray takes place within Walled City 99, which was constructed as a refuge from the post-apocalyptic outside world. The player assumes the role of an orange cat that has become separated from its family and must navigate the city’s confusing streets and rooftops to return home. Along the way, the cat encounters a variety of intelligent robots that have evolved in the absence of humans, as well as hostile creatures that block the path.

Other intellectual properties, such as video games, films, and books, have inspired a variety of Minecraft creations. The open-world sandbox game by Mojang allows players to construct almost anything they desire, from Star Wars to The Exorcist to Indiana Jones. Even one Minecraft player is recreating Undertale, transforming the 2D screens of the 2015 indie game into a vibrant 3D world, and that’s just one of the tens of thousands of impressive creations made in the game over the years.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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