[Gaming News] A statue is made of late Minecraft streamer Technoblade.

The Hypixel Network is putting up a of Technoblade, who was an important part of the Minecraft server’s early success.

A statue is made of late Minecraft streamer Technoblade

On the ninth anniversary of the launch of deceased Minecraft Technoblade’s channel, the Hypixel Network has placed a statue of him in their main lobby. Technoblade joined the Hypixel Minecraft server in 2013 and started posting videos of himself playing the Blitz Survival Games mini-game on YouTube. He quickly became one of the best players on the server and gained a following on YouTube.

On 1 July 2022, a video titled “so long, nerds” was uploaded to Technoblade’s channel, in which his father revealed that his son had passed away after a year-long battle with Sarcoma. The Minecraft community paid their respects, culminating in a Technoblade reference being added to the game’s title screen for a brief time. In the days following the upload of the video, and with the approval of Technoblade’s family, the Hypixel Network gathered tributes from players and compiled a book of condolences, which is currently being printed.

The area of the Hypixel lobby where players could initially leave condolences has been altered a second time, with a statue depicting Technoblade’s iconic Minecraft skin now atop his grave – a reference to his catchphrase “Technoblade never dies.” Even though months have passed since Technoblade’s passing, the post on the Hypixel forum where players could leave messages of condolence has surpassed 3,000 responses, and daily activity continues.

On the day that Technoblade’s channel turned nine years old, several other tributes were uploaded to the platform, including YouTube’s official channel’s “Technoblade Never Dies” video, which chronicled his rise to prominence as one of the most popular Minecraft content creators of all time. These tributes come days after fellow YouTuber Dream collaborated with Technoblade’s father to raise over $500,000 for the American Sarcoma Foundation.

The tribute to Technoblade on the Hypixel Network is a permanent reminder of the impact he has had on Minecraft and the community around it. Fans should be very happy about this, especially since the tribute to Technoblade on the Minecraft login screen has been taken down. Dream has said that he wants to plan more events to remember Technoblade’s legacy, so you can expect more gatherings in the future. It is evident that Minecraft will never be the same without Technoblade, but the community is doing what it can to keep his memory alive.

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