[Gaming News] A player in Minecraft got a year’s worth of XP all at once.

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

In addition to building whatever comes to mind, it is also possible to earn XP in Minecraft, and one player quickly discovers a way to earn a massive amount.

A player in Minecraft got a year's worth of XP

A Minecraft fan has uploaded a video of themselves gaining a year’s worth of XP in one go thanks to cactuses and a furnace. Mojang’s open-world sandbox video game is a great way to kill time and is full of content and activities that let players show how creative they can be. There are many ways to earn experience points, which can be used to enchant items, such as through crafting and exploration.

In Minecraft, nearly all players farm for experience regardless of their intentions. It can be acquired by mining specific ores, killing foes, breeding animals, defeating bosses, or even by enjoying a relaxing fishing session, among a multitude of other methods. Earning a large amount of XP over the course of an average playthrough can be a time-consuming process, and dying resets players to level one. However, one fan has demonstrated that it is possible to accumulate a large number of experience points in a single session, albeit with great patience.

According to PCGamesN, Reddit user JustinTimeCuber uploaded a video of themselves playing Minecraft normally. One of the furnaces has a sign that reads “DO NOT TOUCH until September 21, 2022.” They then discard their possessions and stand on lava until their deaths. As soon as they respawn, they approach one of the furnaces and pull a lever. As soon as they do so, their XP bar begins to rapidly increase, reaching level 226 within seconds. This appears to be the equivalent of collecting 196,000 little green balls of experience in approximately eight seconds.

This was accomplished by melting cactuses in a furnace, which creates green dye in Minecraft and grants experience points upon collection. However, JustinTimeCuber did not immediately grab the dye and instead added cactuses to the furnace for an entire year. Once the switch was activated, a year’s worth of XP and a ton of green dye were released simultaneously. Many would agree that the video is visually appealing.

Minecraft is a game with virtually infinite replay value. It does not appear that the community is growing tired of it after more than a decade, with so many fans coming forward to share their projects, ideas, and discoveries. Getting XP for a year takes dedication, and it will be interesting to see what other playthroughs gamers show next.

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