{Gaming News} A Minecraft player shows off a monster house they built that is amazing.

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2023)

A creative Minecraft player has made an exact copy of the house from the 2006 animated movie Monster House.

A Minecraft player shows off a monster house they built that is amazing

As is common for Minecraft players, someone built a haunted house based on the movie Monster House. Even though many Minecraft players have been showing off their creativity in the last few weeks, this one-of-a-kind building stands out.

Monster House is an animated film made by Sony Pictures Imageworks in 2006. As the name of the movie suggests, one of the best parts was when the house across the street from the main character seemed to come to life and act like a monster. A fan recently decided to see how this monster house would appear in the blocky world of Minecraft.

In a post on Reddit, the creation inspired by the film Monster House was revealed to gamers. According to the design’s creator, Reddit user DrTurtle420d2, the inspiration was the home inhabited by the ghost of a woman named Constance Nebbercracker. In the image, the haunted house was situated on green grass against a blue backdrop. Even though this may not be the most ominous Minecraft setting, the Reddit user’s creation still managed to appear frightening.

The front porch of the monster house had morphed into a pair of jaws lined with what appeared to be razor-sharp teeth. Beyond that, the two windows on the second floor of the residence glowed brightly, emitting the appearance of a pair of menacing eyes. In addition, the artist attached two large arms to the side of the building, similar to those seen in the film, allowing the monster house to move.

Since Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, a lot of people in the Minecraft community liked how DrTurtle420d2 made a monster house. Many people said that they missed the movie and that this one-of-a-kind structure took them back in time. Several commenters said they enjoyed watching the 2006 film as children, and DrTurtle420d2 said it was one of their favorite films. In less than a week, the post on Reddit received more than 21,4K upvotes from users.

It’s great to see skilled builders like DrTurtle420d2 use Minecraft to keep alive memories of old movies and games. Aside from this monster house, other players have made things based on other scary things in the game. One player, for example, has made a copy of the famous prairie house from the paranormal TV show Courage the Cowardly Dog. It will be interesting to see if other architects come up with more designs for Halloween before October 31.

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