[Gaming News] A Minecraft player builds Notre-Dame using plans from the Middle Ages

A lot of people who like Minecraft like to make blocky versions of real-world buildings, like this copy of the famous Notre-Dame de .

One Minecraft enthusiast has reconstructed the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris using medieval architecture. Such endeavors demonstrate the potential for maturity that the blocky sandbox title affords, despite the fact that skeptics continue to insist it is a video game more suited for children. While it is true that children make up the majority of Minecraft’s player base, Mojang’s intellectual property appeals to gamers of all ages. This accessibility contributes to the game’s continued popularity.

Minecraft is also great for relieving boredom because it offers so many opportunities. Despite being over a decade old at this point, with the alpha release occurring in 2009, the game’s built-in features allow players to unleash a great deal of creative potential, resulting in a large number of ongoing projects. There are numerous instances of people using the open-world game to replicate real-world structures.

One of these users, Alive-Beginning-6102 on Reddit, has posted several pictures of their latest Minecraft creation, which shows the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Île de La Cité neighborhood of Paris. The most intriguing aspect of this project is that it was built using medieval blueprints, despite the fact that the reconstruction itself is incredibly impressive. Using pictures from the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, the user was able to put together a picture of how this famous landmark might have looked hundreds of years ago.

There are additional images in this Reddit thread.

Overall, it demonstrates a tremendous amount of talent within the community. From a Minecraft recreation of Vietnam’s tallest building to intricate Redstone creations that are a sight to behold to a blocky view of the cosmos, there are still a variety of ways to be creative in Mojang’s game, and it does not appear that the fan base is close to running out of ideas and projects.

Minecraft is a great game for making people more mindful because it lets them really get into the “zone.” It’s not surprising that the game has become one of the most popular in history, since the developer keeps putting out updates and modders are hard at work making the already-vast vanilla experience even bigger.

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