[Gaming News] A Minecraft modder adds physics and plays Jenga to the game.

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Anyone who plays Minecraft is aware of the game’s physics, or lack thereof; however, someone on YouTube manages to change that.

A Minecraft modder adds physics and plays Jenga to the game

A YouTuber put up a video showing how they used real-world physics to add Jenga to Minecraft so they could play it with their friends. As a video game known for its unusual physics, it doesn’t take long for most players to realize that gravity doesn’t work as it should. While the player falls normally and some objects, such as sand and gravel, adhere to the laws of physics, nearly everything else can be suspended in midair. In a way, it is part of its appeal.

With Mojang continuing to release updates for Minecraft, the fan community is working hard to keep the game in the spotlight by creating a variety of interesting builds and mods that transform the game into a new experience. While the vanilla game contains a near-infinite number of activities, there are some players who prefer to alter the formula. It appears feasible to implement physics into the game in this instance.

According to PCGamesN, YouTuber SystemZee has developed a version of Jenga for Minecraft. However, in order for the game to function properly, realistic physics had to be implemented. It appeared highly unlikely to be possible. However, gravity is indeed added to the game, and while the video does not describe how the modder and their friend Wither accomplished this, the result is as expected. SystemZee then created their own enormous Jenga tower and invited other YouTubers, including Fundy, to participate in the game, with blocks falling much more realistically than in the standard Minecraft experience.

In fact, players such as Fundy are no strangers to engaging in bizarre endeavors within the blocky open-world release. In the past, it was possible to create a massive version of Tetris in Minecraft, complete with falling blocks, although these were not due to the implementation of physics because they were powered by redstone. Such examples demonstrate precisely what is possible in this formerly indie game.

Minecraft has become a behemoth over the years, remaining one of the best-selling games in 2022. Since it came out for the first time in 2011 (or 2009 if you count the alpha builds), it is amazing that the game has lasted for so long. And there is always someone who can pull off something that others thought was impossible.

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