[Gaming News] A Minecraft fan used LEGOs to make an impressive real-life crafting table.

A creative Minecraft fan, inspired by the LEGO Mario ‘?’ block set, recreates Minecraft’s with miniature biomes and a miniature Steve.

A creative Minecraft fan posted photos to of an amazing LEGO crafting table with miniature biome dioramas and a cute miniature Steve. Reddit user DJ Hardlogic brought to life an important part of Minecraft. He used the official Super Mario “?” block set as inspiration for the design. Fans of the block-based building game Minecraft have been very creative and good at building, both inside and outside of the game, since it came out in 2011.

The crafting table is one of the earliest pieces of furniture constructed in every Minecraft world, and it remains one of the most important tools players can use to tame the wilderness. With only one crafting table, players can create hundreds of unique items with thousands of possible permutations. Since the game’s initial release, consistent updates have added more objects for players to construct, including the recent addition of customizable signs.

Reddit user DJ Hardlogic’s LEGO construction of a crafting table captures small details such as the flat crafting tools on the table’s side and includes a pull-out section with a miniature, adorable Steve made from LEGO bricks. DJ Hardlogic went above and beyond the standard crafting table by incorporating miniature dioramas of iconic Minecraft biomes, such as a miniature Ender Dragon lurking in the Nether biome. DJ Hardlogic captured iconic features of classic Minecraft biomes, such as the lava fall, a suitably blocky wooded hill, and a Warden hiding in the underground caves section.

Over 2,000 upvotes have been given to DJ Hardlogic’s interpretation of a crafting table by Minecraft fans. DJ Hardlogic explained in the comments that they are working on a set of instructions so that other Minecraft enthusiasts can replicate the crafting table. The instructions can be found on the LEGO fansite Rebrickable once they have been completed. The over 500 players who collaborated to create a stunningly realistic Minecraft city are a prime example of the importance of group builds and the sharing of creations in the vibrant Minecraft community.

The Minecraft community is still an impressive group of creative and creative gamers who find new ways to show how much they love the game every day. Another player recently shared a breathtaking view of the Minecraft universe, proving that simple building blocks can be used to create works of art. Future updates and changes to the base game, which is always changing, will give fans more tools and ways to make people feel awe and wonder.

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