[Gaming News] A Minecraft fan thinks that Mobs look like Pokemon

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

One Minecraft player assigns different Pokemon types to a variety of the game’s monsters.

A Minecraft fan thinks that Mobs look like Pokemon

In a piece of fan art that came out recently, an artist gave different mobs types from the Pokemon world. There are numerous creatures and animals for players to interact with in the Minecraft universe, ranging from passive Glowing Squid to outright hostile Zombies. In the Pokemon universe, there are a number of different types of creatures that determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Mobs in Minecraft are not classified by type, but they are known for adhering to particular environments and exhibiting distinct behaviors. This is especially true for the Zombies, who include desert-dwelling Husks and submerged Drowned (found underwater).

This fan art shows Enderman, Allay, Warden, Glow Squid, Blaze, Phantom, Axolotl, Zombie, and Husk, as well as their Pokemon types. U/3tigrestristes classifies four of these monsters as single types: endermen are classified as psychic, allays as fairies, blazes as fire, and zombies as normal. The artist also identifies the remaining six Minecraft monsters as dual-type Pokémon. The frightening Warden combines darkness and rock, while glow squids combine water and electricity, and phantoms combine ghosts and flying. The axolotl combines water and fairy, the husk combines normal and ground, and the drowned combine normal and water.

These are some of the most recognizable monsters in Minecraft, and the artist did a good job of matching them with suitable Pokemon types. Their strategy appears to be comparable to that of the Pokemon franchise, in which the exterior appearance and behavior of creatures determine their type. For instance, the Phantom is a flying, undead, blue-and-white hostile mob, and u/3tigrestristes converts it to the dual types Ghost and Flying.

There are numerous games with which players can practice typing, but Minecraft is particularly effective. The game’s enemies are memorable and can be encountered in a variety of environments, just like traditional Pokemon. The typically aggressive Warden from Minecraft is a good example because, like Tyranitar (the Pokemon with which it would share a dual type), it can easily instill fear in players.

However, none of these new Pokémon have the Steel type, which is typically one of the most powerful. This makes this group somewhat susceptible to certain stronger Pokémon from the original roster. Even so, this fan art does a great job of making some of Minecraft’s most famous monsters look like Pokemon.

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