[Gaming News] A Minecraft fan shows off a custom Warden LED light

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

A fan of Minecraft displays a custom-made neon light based on the Warden enemy from the game.

Since 2008, Minecraft has stimulated the imaginations of gamers. In the game’s sandbox, where players can build anything they want, they are always pushing the game’s limits to make amazing buildings and structures. As Minecraft receives new updates, more and more tools are added for resourceful players to construct whatever comes to mind.

A Minecraft fan shows off a custom Warden LED light

Fans of Mojang’s game have constructed a variety of non-game objects. This includes a variety of Minecraft-inspired artworks as well as a number of other projects. One example is an LED neon light constructed from one of the most recent hostile mobs added to the game.

A Redditor named bonzurr posted a short video of an LED neon light that looks like the Minecraft Warden mob. The video depicts a dark room that is illuminated after a few seconds by the warden, which consists of blue, white, and orange lights. The clip concludes as the light goes out and the room turns a dark red.

The Warden light created by bonzurr has gained quite a following, as the post currently has over 7,000 upvotes. Numerous commenters have described the light as cool and praised bonzurr’s video presentation. Several fans joked that the light should be activated by motion and emit sounds, similar to how Minecraft’s mobs function. Others joked that they are now blind because of the manner in which the piece was revealed in bonzurr’s video. The Warden light is well-executed and would look fantastic displayed by any Minecraft fan.

The LED neon light used by Bonzurr is just one example of the fan art created for Minecraft. Pixel lasha, a Reddit user, drew a number of Minecraft monsters in a 1-bit style, all contained within a 3×3 grid. In the top row of the grid, there are three Guardians, one Strider, and one Axolotl. The middle row displays a Shulker, a Warden, and a Mushroom Cow. The final column features a Piglin wielding an axe, a Bee, and an Iron Golem. Even though the drawings are very simple and don’t have any color, it’s easy to tell which hordes are which. It is a beautiful piece of art that shows the different Minecraft creatures in a creative way for gamers to enjoy.

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