Fortnite: New Teaser Image for Fortnite’s Upcoming Fracture end-of-Season Event Epic Games

Games has released a new teaser image for Fortnite’s upcoming end-of-season Fracture , which raises some questions about what’s to come.

Fortnite Image Teases Fracture Event

A new teaser image for the end-of-season Fracture event in Fortnite brings up a lot of questions. The fourth season of Fortnite is currently underway, with a mysterious chrome liquid spreading across the island and a massive metallic tornado wreaking havoc. After this season is over, Chapter 4 will start, letting Fortnite players know that a big event is coming up soon. This odd teaser has added to the existing confusion.

Epic Games has released multiple teasers for Fracture thus far, but they’ve done a good job of avoiding spoilers. The teasers have depicted a group of Fortnite players engaged in a normal in-game activity, such as racing cars or lounging on a beach, before turning and staring at the horizon as if something enormous is approaching. Obviously, what they are looking at is not visible. Perhaps it is a tsunami, perhaps it is Chrome, or perhaps it is something else entirely.

One teaser, however, stands out among the others. It was shared on the official Fortnite Twitter and features the classic Season 5 skin Mancake in the Cake With No Name style. However, it is not Mancake himself that makes the teaser so intriguing, but rather where Mancake is. The teaser looks like it shows Mancake floating in space, with his syrup and butter all over.

It is unclear why Mancake is in space. The teaser image lacks context for what it depicts. The tweet’s text, however, does. Oh, the bittersweet sensation of the world crumbling beneath you! The event’s hashtag and date are added. The implication is that Fortnite’s map “collapsed” beneath Mancake, leaving the human-shaped stack of pancakes adrift in empty space.

This new teaser from Epic Games is not the only indication that the Fortnite map is “falling apart.” When Fracture was first announced, the image that accompanied the announcement may have provided the only actual look at what will occur. The image depicted more than half a dozen Chrome tornadoes ripping the earth apart and launching into the air. Individual characters are also depicted as being raised. Chrome and broken earth are all that remain.

What the future holds for Fortnite is unknown. When Fracture launches on December 3 at 4:00 p.m. EST, players will be able to find out for themselves. The playlist will be accessible from 30 minutes before the event until 4:40 p.m. ET. Fortnite might never be the same again.

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