Fortnite: Incredibly Funny Master Chief and Doom Slayer Riding a Dirtbike Together

A incredibly funny Fortnite screen capture depicting and Doom Slayer riding a dirtbike together demonstrates the crossover possibilities.

Master Chief and Doom Slayer on a dirtbike

A Fortnite image featuring Master Chief and Doom Slayer on a dirtbike is just one of several highlighting the crossover potential of Epic Games’ battle royale. As with the other chapters, Chapter 3 of Fortnite ended on December 4, bringing a lot of new items, weapons, and the vehicle mentioned above, which has its own ways to move around.

Reddit user BerryCobblerDesert posted today a Fortnite picture that shows the fresh Doom Slayer Battle Pass skin driving a dirtbike with Master Chief riding shotgun. Doom Slayer was recently added to Fortnite with the Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass, despite being rumored for several months, while Master Chief has been in the battle royale since Chapter 2 Season 5.

In BerryCobblerDesert’s screenshot, Doom Slayer is holding the Fortnite dirtbike’s handlebars while Master Chief leans into him from behind. This modified Master Chief has replaced the holographic Battle Legend back bling with what appears to be the Frozen Shroud, while the Doom Slayer driver has what appears to be a gun barrel protruding from behind his head. Since Microsoft purchased ZeniMax Media in 2020, which included Bethesda and id Software, Doom Slayer and Master Chief have become legendary and well-known Xbox staples.

Chapter 2 of Fortnite introduced the Master Chief skin alongside PlayStation’s Kratos, and the Doom Slayer has been added alongside Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher franchise. The trailer for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 highlighted the dirtbikes and Doom Slayer with one of his emotes, in addition to a My Hero Academia crossover skin that has yet to be released. Previous seasons would have allowed the two popular helmeted characters to ride in the same vehicle, but the introduction of dirtbikes places them side-by-side more effectively.

Many Fortnite fans liked BerryCobblerDesert’s screenshot, and one of them pointed out that the different colors of both skins make it possible to pair them with even more outfits. In a Fortnite screenshot, BerryCobblerDesert put Halo and Doom together. Other pairings that will be shown are Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, Spider-Man and Star Wars, and Street Fighter and Batman.

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