Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Map’s Destruction Epic Game

Later this week, Chapter 3 : Paradise will conclude, and Epic Games is teasing the destruction of the map leading up to the event.

Fortnite Maps Destruction

Around this time last year, Epic Games introduced Fortnite to Chapter 3, and now the battle royale is teasing the destruction of its own map with the conclusion of Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise. Since the conclusion of the first chapter of Fortnite in October 2019, fans have speculated on what to expect from the conclusion of each subsequent chapter. With the destruction of Chapter 3’s map, Epic Games may be alluding to a new chapter.

The Fortnite Twitter account recently posted a short clip of the battle royale island alongside a warning that “nothing lasts forever.” New landmarks such as Herald’s Sanctum and Cloudy Condos have replaced original locations such as Loot Lake and Pleasant Park on the island of Fortnite as Epic Games has continued to update the game. With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 concluding on December 3, fans can anticipate a number of POI changes, assuming the entire map isn’t destroyed by Epic Games’ teased map fracture.

The Fortnite video shared with the Chapter 3 announcement begins with the introduction of Paradise, highlighting Rave Cave and the bay surrounding the Foundation statue before zooming out to reveal the surrounding area of the island, which was shown during the previous event. As it then displays the Fortnite Reality Tree, which played a major role in Chapter 3 of Season 4, the video begins to fracture, transforming the word paradise into fracture, the name of the upcoming season. The clip then quickly jumps from one scene to another, showing the Zero Point, a powerful chrome tornado, and different Fortnite skins standing by helplessly as things fall apart. This may be a hint at the December 3 event.

Fortnite has been a popular battle royale since its beta release in 2017, but Chapter 3 introduced a new way for fans to enjoy the game with zero build mode, which boosted its popularity once more. Chapter 2 concluded with the island flipping in the ocean as the Foundation attempted to flee the Cube Queen’s wrath, but Chapter 3’s island presented its own story issues. As the Fortnite Zero Point has been the focal point of each season and has been dormant at the bottom of the lake above Tilted Towers, it is possible that it will play a role in the Chapter 3 finale event.

On Saturday, some players said they didn’t like Fortnite Paradise and its map, while others just said they were excited about the Chapter 3 event and what it meant. One observant Fortnite fan was quick to point out that the announcement video showed a two-shot shotgun with a dot sight, which could be a weapon featured in the new season.

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