Finding Greavard and evolving it into Houndstone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this guide tells you where to find and how to evolve it into Houndstone.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer exciting new features and surprises to Pokemon enthusiasts worldwide. There are over one hundred new Pokemon for trainers to capture and explore Paldea with, including more Ghost-types, which historically have the fewest “Mons.” Greavard was the first Ghost-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 9. It looked like a dog, which made dog lovers notice it right away.

Who exactly is Greavard?

Greavard is known as the “Ghost Dog Pokémon” and is common throughout the Paldea region. It possesses a long, gray, shaggy coat and a candle on its head. In the wild, it will burrow underground until only its candle is visible, then emerge to greet passers-by. Greavard is rumored to be an incredibly friendly Pokemon who seeks companionship, despite the Ghost-reputation type’s for having mischievous personalities. After capturing one, players may wonder at what level it will evolve into Houndstone. However, a new level is not the only requirement for it to transform. Here is all the information players need to capture and evolve Greavard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Greavard Location

Greavard is accessible to players as soon as the Academy Hunt begins. However, it does not frequent the regions surrounding Mesagoza, so finding it will require some exploration and a river crossing to the northern regions of Paldea.

It depends on whether Miraidon’s (or Koraidon’s) skills have been enhanced. When Miraidon becomes a companion for the first time, it can be ridden as a bicycle to travel faster. Eventually, it gains the ability to fly, dash, swim, and jump high, allowing players to quickly travel between locations. Otherwise, traverse Levincia and make your way to Ryme’s Gym, a Ghost-type trainer.

Greavard is widespread in the northeastern region, especially near Glaseado Mountain. Snow will cover the ground in the north, making it more difficult to locate them using the white candle as the only reference. Ghosts are vulnerable to other Ghosts and Dark, so be prepared if you decide to challenge one. Included in Greavard’s locations are the following provinces:

North Province (Areas 1 and 3) West Province (Area Three)

How Greavard Evolved into Houndstone

In contrast to most Pokemon, Greavard does not evolve at a specific level, and its transformation into Houndstone requires another condition to be met. First, Greavard must be level 30 or higher before it can evolve.

Pokemon will level up as they earn experience points (EXP) from battles with trainers, Gym challenges, and even consumables such as Rare and Exp. Candy. You can find the candies by picking up objects from the ground or by engaging in Tera Raid battles and defeating the Tera Pokemon within.

Greavard will evolve into Houndstone once it reaches level 30 and its second condition is met; Greavard must be leveled up at night in order to evolve into Houndstone. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a day/night cycle of 30 minutes, so players will only have to wait a short time to evolve Greavard.

Houndstone can learn Last Respects, an exciting move introduced in Generation 9. Last Respects is a Ghost-type move with a 50 base Power stat that increases by 50 for each Pokémon in the user’s party that has fainted.

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