Finally, Oda hints at the creation of advanced technology and unlimited energy from the ancient kingdom in One Piece

Until now, One Piece still has many unsolved mysteries, one of which is ancient royal technology.

The ancient kingdom in One Piece is a very glorious place with advanced technology that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The truth about how advanced technology was made in the ancient kingdom has never been told, and it was kept secret until One Piece 1076.

The technology that was very advanced in the era of the ancient kingdom of One Piece is indeed very strange, because in the past era there weren’t too many intelligent people who were even able to create crazy technology.

Even Doctor Vegapunk, the most genius scientist in the world of One Piece, is overwhelmed to run the ancient robot on Egghead Island, even he is confused about what energy is used to run the robot.

So far, one thing is certain about the ancient kingdom in One Piece, this kingdom is led by Joy Boy, a liberation warrior.

This kingdom was wiped out by 20 other kingdoms in its era in the world of One Piece, the alliance that destroyed the ancient kingdom today united and established the One Piece World Government.

It’s no wonder that the One Piece World Government has been very secretive and serious about protecting the secrets of the ancient kingdom in One Piece.

In the previous chapters of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, through doctor Vegapunk, gave clues about the secret technology of the void century.

Eiichiro Oda implicitly revealed the secret technology of the ancient kingdom in One Piece which has not been revealed until now.

The technology secret of the ancient kingdom in One Piece is related to the Hito Hito no Mi Model Nika, which is currently owned by Luffy.

It is known that the World Government is desperately hiding the secret of God Nika’s devil fruit, because this fruit is the key to reviving the ancient kingdom’s technology.

This was proven when one of the Gorosei, Saturn, came to Egghead Island to catch Luffy with his Hito Hito no Mi Model Nika power.

Because as we know, Luffy’s Nika’s power has unlimited power according to the owner’s imagination.

This then becomes relevant why highly advanced technology can occur in the ancient kingdom era in One Piece.

It seems that Joy Boy, the user of the Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit in the ancient kingdom, was very smart compared to the current Luffy.

That then became the key to creating advanced technology that only the ancient kingdoms in the One Piece world had at that time.

Because as we know, Nika’s power can create anything and is only limited by the user’s imagination.

In the sense that Joy Boy, who had succeeded in resurrecting the Hito Hito no Mi at that time, had a very big desire to make the kingdom he was in very prosperous.

So with the power of his devil fruit, Joy Boy then began to create one by one the technologies that supported life at that time in the ancient kingdom

In fact, he created weapons of destruction to protect the country from dangerous enemy attacks.

Not only that, to activate their advanced technology, Joy Boy creates unlimited energy sources with his devil fruit power.

That is the reason why currently intelligent scientists like Doctor Vega are unable to find this boundless ancient energy.

Because this energy is energy that is only created by the sun god Nika. ***

DISCLAIMER: This article is made from several things that happened in One Piece and added a little theory, the purpose of this article is only for entertainment.

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