Join the fun in a brand-new season with an abundance of new content.

and Nimble Neuron are thrilled to announce that Season 8 of has finally arrived. Due to the flurry of updates and new content, you won’t want to miss this sleepover.

The centerpiece of Season 8’s new content is the Battle Zone, a collection of unique areas where players can engage in an entirely new style of combat on Lumia Island. In this section, you will collect data on test subjects that exist exclusively in these extreme environments, which is tailored specifically to the art of battle.

Each different Battle Zone is unique. Some may increase your movement speed or improve your Omnisyphon abilities, making you a formidable opponent. Others will restore your defenses, allowing for additional damage to be taken. Those who are courageous enough to overcome them will earn rewards that are exclusive to the Battle Zones. There is additional information available on the official website.

In addition, Slumber Party boasts a brand-new season pass loaded with an assortment of exclusive in-game cosmetics. “Festive Roar Li Dailin” and “Bow Wow Yuki” can be added to a player’s collection, along with the “Beast Hyunwoo” skin and a number of other exciting rewards. As with previous seasons, the Season 8 Pack will grant players access to three additional characters, ten new skins, a unique emote, and much more. Until January 18, it will be available with a 50% discount.

Season 8 of Eternal Return will feature the addition of the skilled marksman Theodore. His dream was ripped from him by society, leaving him with nothing. Theodore, channeling the teachings of those who mentored him as a soldier, now strives to better control his gift while assisting others and ultimately seeks a greater purpose.

In Season 8, players will also have the opportunity to acquire the exclusive “Luxury Masquerade Jenny” skin by subscribing to the most recent Eternal Returns newsletter. Register on the official website immediately to add this beautiful in-game cosmetic to your collection.

Check out the official website for further details on Eternal Return and Season 8 content. You can also get a better idea of what Slumber Party has to offer by viewing the trailer.

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