Elden Ring: Where to Find Golden Seeds Locations and Map

The locations and map for the Elden Seed can be found by following the steps in this guide.

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Finding locations containing Elden Ring Golden Seeds will increase your flask uses, allowing you to upgrade your Sacred Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears to restore your health and magic. The more you can heal, the longer you can survive, so this is crucial for everything from simple exploration to boss battles.

However, it is difficult to find Golden Seeds in Elden Ring, as their locations are scattered across the map, and they become increasingly rare and difficult to find as you progress through the game. Additionally, you will eventually require increasing quantities to level up your flasks. At first, a single seed will suffice, but after a few increases, you will need two, three, or even more for a single level increase.

In the later stages, it will be necessary to find as many as possible for a single upgrade, despite the fact that it is initially important to find any at all. However, there are many Golden Seeds, and you do not need to find them all to max out your Flasks, which makes life easier. Therefore, we will discuss the obvious and straightforward Golden Seed locations in Elden Ring.

Locations of the Elden Ring Golden Seeds

These 17 Elden Ring Golden Seed locations are scattered throughout the Lands Between and will net you a total of 20 Golden Seeds, enough for 12 Sacred Flask uses. Obviously, this isn’t every Golden Seed in Elden Ring, so you’ll find a few more that aren’t marked as you play. Some can be reached through the natural progression of the story, while others can be reached through exploration. Therefore, they do not need to be found in the order presented:

  • Stormhill – Unless the player chooses to begin with a Golden Seed, this will likely be the first location all players discover. Follow the path all the way up the hill, and the golden tree will be on the right after passing through the massive gate by the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace.
  • Stormhill Shack – Speak with Roderika in the shack until her dialogue is exhausted to initiate her quest. Find the Chrysalids’ Memento in Stormveil Castle; it’s on a pile of bodies in a room near the Grafted Scion. Visit Roderika in the Roundtable Hold after delivering the memento to her. She will reward you with a Golden Seed for your hard work.
  • Stormveil Castle – One Golden Seed can be discovered in a courtyard of the castle, close to a colossal Troll.
  • Fringefolk Hero’s Grave – Defeat the boss in this dungeon area near the beginning of the game to find one. Our Elden Ring Stonesword Keys guide explains how to gain access to this location.
  • Fort Haight – Just outside the fort will be a small golden tree.
  • This Golden Seed can be found near Castle Morne, north of Castle Morne, around some rocks. This castle is located in the Weeping Peninsula region of the map, which is south of West Limgrave, where the game begins.
  • Caelid – On the primary road east of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.
  • Bestial Sanctum – At the northernmost point of Caelid, on the main road leading to the sanctum.
  • Academy Gate Town – Near the Raya Lucaria Academy, you can find a Golden Seed within the ruins of the sunken Academy Gate Town.
  • There are two Golden Seeds within the Raya Lucaria Academy. One can be discovered after meeting and assisting Yura. The second is located in the courtyard after defeating a wolf boss.
  • Ravine-Veiled Village – There is a village at the end of a flooded ravine to the north of the academy. A Golden Seed is located on a small island in the water near the village.
  • Altus Plateau – The fork in the road just north of the Atlus Highway Junction Site of Grace.
  • Leyndell Outer Wall, main entrance – Once you’ve traversed the main path, fought or ridden past the two Tree Sentinels, and crossed the outer wall into Leyndell, you’ll find a Site of Grace with a sapling nearby. This shrub has two Golden Seeds, so seize the opportunity!
  • Follow the paved path from the main entrance and the previous Golden Seeds to find another golden sapling near the Leyndell Outer Wall. This tree also contains two Golden Seeds!
  • In this region, a golden sapling can be found north-northwest of the Minor Erdtree on Altus Plateau.
  • Mount Gelmir, Seethewater River – To the north of the Seethewater River Site of Grace is a Golden Seed. Look to the northwest of the Wyndham Ruins or near the Hero’s Grave of Gelmir.
  • Mount Gelmir, close to Volcano Manor – There is a golden sapling with a Golden Seed northwest of Volcano Manor.

How to modernize your Flasks and then use Golden Seeds in Elden Ring

To fully upgrade your Sacred Flasks in Elden Ring, you must collect a total of 30 Golden Seeds; however, this does not mean you will receive 30 uses per checkpoint. As you continue to upgrade it in this manner, you will need a growing quantity of Golden Seeds for every couple of additional flask uses unlocked. Initially, one Elden Ring Golden Seed will always grant you one additional use of your Sacred Flask, but soon you’ll require multiple seeds for each additional use:

  1. Golden Seed to use your Sacred Flask for the fifth and sixth time.
  2. Golden Seeds for the seventh and eighth uses of your Sacred Flask.
  3. To use your Sacred Flask for the ninth and tenth time, you need three Golden Seeds.
  4. For the twelfth and thirteenth uses of your Sacred Flask, you need four Golden Seeds.
  5. For the thirteenth and fourteenth uses of your Sacred Flask, you will receive 5 Golden Seeds.

This effect is capped when your Sacred Flasks reach 14 total uses. Even if you find more than 30 Golden Seeds in Elden Ring, the game will not allow you to use them.

Keep in mind that the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring restores both health and magic. As you get more flasks, you may want to change how you use them between Crimson, which heals, and Cerulean, which restores magic. Note that Elden Ring Golden Seeds do not improve the restorative capabilities of flasks; you’ll need to locate Sacred Tears for that. You should also investigate locations for farming Elden Ring Runes so that you cannot add more points to your Vitality or Mind attributes to increase your HP and FP, respectively.

While it is possible to find a few Golden Seeds within the first few hours, you can also receive one as one of the Elden Ring Keepsakes when you create your character. By the time you need to know how to defeat Margit in Elden Ring, you could have up to seven uses of Sacred Flask.

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