Elden Ring: How to Play Colosseum and Win [Beginner’s Guide] Tips & Tricks

How to play the Ring Colosseum, including for winning arena matches.

At the statues in each Colosseum, players can set up matchmaking, both public and password-protected, for Elden Ring Colosseum matches and PvP. Each Colosseum statue provides access to a different type of PvP match, but you can access all of them (after locating their source Colosseum) from the Roundtable Hold, at the statue in the central room. With that in mind, we will now discuss the specifics of playing Elden Ring Colosseum matches, as well as some fundamental strategies for victory.


To participate in Elden Ring Colosseum PvP matches, travel to any Elden Ring Colosseum location and proceed to the main entrance, which will have a road leading up to it. There will be an option to open it, and inside will be a small temple-like room with a large statue of Marika facing you. Interacting with it will display a list of PvP matchmaking options, from which you can choose the type of game you wish to play. The complete list of options consists of:

Combat Format: The type of match you wish to participate in.
How many people will be participating in the game? Keep in mind that this is not a reference to team size; selecting two players will result in a fight between you and one opponent. Counterintuitively, you would require four players for a 2v2 match.

Spirit Ashes: This determines whether you wish to allow Elden Ring Summons during the match. Prohibited means that there are no Spirit Ashes.

Format Details: A concise summary of the game type and combat format currently selected from the menu, including match length and flask consumption.

Colosseum Password: Private matchmaking is possible by entering a specific password in this field. All your friends must do is enter the same password in order for you to access the same game.
Restrictions (for Private Matchmaking and United Combat): Determines whether the above password is for all players or only your team. If you select Allied Team Only, you can form a private team that is then paired with random players.

Desired Team (for Private Matchmaking and United Combat with All Team Restrictions): If you are playing a private team game with only friends on both sides, this is how you select which of the two teams, A or B, you wish to be on.

Determines which of the three arenas within the Colosseum you wish to fight in. Aside from minor layout and environment variations, there are few differences between them.
After selecting these options, click “Enter Combat” at the bottom of the screen, and after a brief loading screen, the game will transport you into the match. Generally, it takes 10 to 30 seconds to enter a match, so it’s nothing to worry about. Obviously, you’ll need an internet connection to play, as well as any online subscription your console may require for online play.

ELDEN RING COLOSSEUM PVP Tactics and Methods for Winning Matches

In order to win Elden Ring Colosseum PvP matches, you must consider the following fundamentals, which can be applied to United Combat, Combat Ordeal, and Duel modes to varying degrees. If you’re struggling to rack up kills against other players, here are some tips on how to handle the Colosseum’s horrors.

Ensure that you are using the correct build. People typically enter PvP areas with specific builds, weapons, and loadouts designed to maintain a competitive advantage. In most cases, it’s more important to be skilled than well-equipped, but if you’re looking for a starting point, check out our Elden Ring PvP builds page for some suggestions.

Speed is superior to strength. Don’t get me wrong, dealing high damage is great, but players are typically so quick that slow, heavy hits are highly unlikely to land. If you’ve been searching for Elden Ring armor locations, you’ll want to avoid anything that takes you into the realm of heavyweights, as you’ll be an easy target. Medium-weight gear is acceptable if you have the appropriate weapons, spells, and attributes to compensate.

Even if you don’t use magic, you should be familiar with its principles. Magic has been a major component of the meta, particularly the more aggressive sorceries, and the Elden Ring’s best spells are frequently used in combat, typically fast-casting or homing spells designed to harass and wear down opponents. Even if you aren’t a spellcaster, you should be aware of the most common spells and how to avoid or counter them.
However, employ some magic. The reality is that magic is highly effective, regardless of whether it manifests as spells, weapon arts, or ashes. Even if it’s not your main focus, it’s a good idea to have something for ranged combat, or even just the ability to heal or buff yourself, as the majority of truly exploitable builds involve some form of magic.

Have your best items and spells within easy reach. This primarily applies to Flasks (if they’re permitted), but also to Spirit Ashes and anything else you can use. Attach them to the hot-menu (hold Triangle/Y depending on platform/controller) or have them readily available in the quick-use item menu. Even if you have ready-to-use items, you must use them with extreme caution due to the rapidity of the combat, as other players will rush you as soon as they realize what you’re doing.

Rapid stunlock weapons dominate the metagame. No one likes Elden Ring’s new meta for the Colosseum, but it is worthwhile to comprehend it. The most effective spells and attacks are those that can be activated quickly, are difficult to miss (such as AOEs), and stun opponents, as you can repeatedly use them to wear down your opponent’s defenses. This is not a particularly enjoyable strategy, but you should keep it in mind and look for other players who are employing it. If they employ this tactic, fight from a distance and do not allow them to trap you in this combo.

Remember your Flask of Marvelous Medicine. In certain arenas, in addition to the Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears, you may also bring the customizable Flask of Wondrous Physick. Rather than relying on specific aids such as fire resistance, choose whatever you believe to be the most universal and likely to help the most people.

All of these should give you a better chance in the arena, but ultimately your skill and build will determine your success. In theory, players should be paired with opponents of comparable skill; however, this is only true in theory.

7 Tips For Winning Team Fights In The Colosseum in Elden Ring

United Combat is an exciting feature that enables players of Elden Ring to engage in 3v3 combat. Here’s how to prevail in these competitions.

Elden Ring players can now enter the Colosseums of Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell for PvP arena-style duels, free-for-alls, and teamfights, thanks to the free addition of patch 1.08. The Limgrave Colosseum offers United Combat for team battles, making it accessible to players who have not progressed very far. It is also accessible at The Caelid Colosseum, where all modes are accessible along with the ability to summon Spirit Ashes.

United Combat can accommodate up to six players, evenly divided into two teams. As opposed to Duel Mode, players will respawn upon death. After five minutes, the winner is the team with the most kills. In a game as difficult as Elden Ring, it is essential to enter combat with the best knowledge and an idea of how to fight as a team in order to achieve victory.

Isolate Targets

Teaming up on a solitary target is one of the most effective methods for obtaining easy kills. According to the rules of the game, a team could continue killing the same player and still win. Therefore, players should quickly identify any weak opponents, particularly those with insufficient parry and guard mechanics. Continue eliminating them while remaining defensive against any remaining foes.

In the time before the unfortunate Tarnished respawns, players have the option of utilizing the temporary advantage in numbers, playing it safe, or positioning themselves to kill as soon as the respawn occurs. This strategy can also be employed opportunistically, as opposed to repeatedly targeting the same player.

Attribute Counters

Elden Lord aspirants have access to a variety of play styles and builds, and certain weapons and spells perform better or worse in specific matchups. In United Combat, it is crucial to ensure that the enemy has the short end of the stick. By assigning allies to fight against foes they counter, it is possible to have three separate winning battles occurring at once.

This type of coordination is more likely to occur when playing with friends or in tournaments where players are able to communicate. It also requires knowledge of counters and the ability to play a matchup according to plan.

Recuperation & FP Restoration

Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears can be used to heal and restore FP, but players will only have access to one of each per life. Therefore, it is essential to use potions intelligently and effectively. For instance, do not heal for small amounts of health lost.

The importance of arriving at a Colosseum with other forms of healing and FP restoration increases dramatically when potions are unavailable. The ability to regenerate, whether in the form of incantations or Talismans such as the Assassin’s Crimson Dagger, which restores health with critical hits, will be extremely frustrating for the enemy. Incantations that naturally heal allies are more prevalent in this mode.

Bring Many Weapons

Preparation is part of winning more team fights in the Colosseums of Elden Ring. Players must be prepared to face any type of opponent with any type of build, and who themselves may have multiple weapons ready to be switched out at any time.

Possessing a variety of weapons, each with its own distinct function, will allow players to counter any type of weapon or defense. For instance, if three foes are cosplaying as Roman Legionaries with a wall of tower shields, the player must have access to unblockable attacks. In order to avoid untimely deaths, it is important to practice switching weapons quickly.

Damage Affected Area

In United Combat, unlike in a duel, players will typically face two or three opponents. With this in mind, the value of spells, incantations, and other abilities that deal area damage increases. This is illustrated by the Dragonfire incantation, which can burn up to three foes simultaneously.

In the same way that Area Of Effect abilities are advantageous for a player’s own team, it is vital to watch out for comparable enemy attacks. When facing such spells, you should avoid grouping together and instead disperse. Typically, such abilities will have a longer cast time, so if an opponent is currently focusing on a teammate, exploit the situation by crit-attacking them from behind.

Combos and Team Game

In Elden Ring’s latest multiplayer mode, experimenting and finding the best combos may be one of the best ways to win more team battles. With a maximum of three players per team and an abundance of weapons, spells, and attacks, the possibilities for combos are limitless.

The key is to combine abilities that would be impossible for a single player to possess simultaneously. As these combos may be difficult to pull off, it is best to practice them first in password-protected custom games.

Optimize Spirit Ashes

All players are able to summon Spirit Ashes to aid their team during United Combat in The Caelid Colosseum. By failing to do so or by summoning weak Spirit Ashes, a player would disadvantage their team. A variety of Spirit Ashes are available in the game, with some being significantly more potent than others. The most potent Spirit Ashes can inflict severe damage.

The overall power of Spirit Ashes is not the only factor that players must take into account. Some have Area-of-Effect or other special attacks. As soon as the match begins, players should attempt to summon their helpful spirit before the enemy can close in on them. Upon death and respawn, players should find a safe location to summon. Grave or Ghost Gloveworts can be used to enhance Spirit Ashes.

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