Elden Ring Guide: Where to Find Somber Smithing Stones

Are you trying to find Somber in Elden Ring video game? If you know where to look, finding Somber is simple. If we play the game without direction or we don’t know nothing about location. Obtaining article that guide us to find something that we want to look for before it becomes important things. Locations of Somber Smithing Stones used to upgrade legendary and unique weapons.

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You’ll need Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade the unique, named weapons you acquire as you traverse Elden Ring. These are distinct from standard smithing stones, making their acquisition somewhat more difficult.

To upgrade the weapon fastly while we play the game with weapon upgraded we will satify to use the weapon can impact to our enemies collateral damage. 

From the Moonveil to the Rivers of Blood to the final Elden Ring Sacred Relic Sword, unique weapons in Elden Ring can only be upgraded to +10, but they require fewer Somber Smithing Stones than the regular kind, meaning you can potentially boost them all the faster, not to mention their potent nature means you can sometimes get more out of them than the standard, everyday weapons.

In either case, you’ll want to know where to find Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring, as they enhance your strength and increase your damage with each subsequent encounter. We’ll walk you through the locations of Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring, as well as how to farm them.

Follow the ways how to get all Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring Game

By colecting Somber Stone is easy for player to upgrade a weapon to the next tier or level. it’s mean submitting Somber Stone with a huge of mount will made our weapon so unique. Even though there are dozens of Somber Smithing Stones of each tier throughout the entirety of Elden Ring, we’ve only outlined three of the easiest ones to obtain for each tier! This will allow you to upgrade three unique weapons to +9, which should hold you over until you have access to the methods outlined at the bottom of this page for gathering all of the Somber Smithing Stones. We have not included the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones, however, as they are a unique and special item deserving of their own guide, which will be released soon!

Where can one obtain level 1 Somber Smithing Stones?

You have many options for acquiring Somber Smithing Stones [1], as they are widely dispersed across the map and will soon be available for purchase – in fact, you can buy them in unlimited quantities from the Blacksmith Iji in the northwest of Liurnia, on the path to Caria Manor! However, here are a few more, as you must pass through Stormveil to reach that location.

  1. Just south of the east end of the Agheel Lake bridge, you will find a corpse sitting in a chair with a Somber Stone on it.
  2. Church of Dragon Communion – Once you’ve reached the island from the Coastal Cave, you’ll find a Somber Smithing Stone [1] on the island’s southwest side.
  3. Southeast of the Coliseum, there is a Teardrop Scarab on a ruined building past the bridge that, when killed, drops a Somber Stone.

Where can you obtain level 2 Somber Smithing Stones?

Again, tier 2 can be purchased indefinitely from Iji, so if you’ve reached Liurnia, you’re good to go. In fact, you may be required to do so; there are not many of these Stones until you reach Luirnia. Thankfully, we’ve located a few you can reach before then.

  1. Gael Tunnel – At the tunnel’s entrance, descend the wooden ledges until you reach a small alcove containing the Stone.
  2. Before entering Castle Morne, turn left (southeast) and descend to the beach to find a corpse with four jellyfish surrounding it. Gather the Stone from the corpse.
  3. Stormveil Cliffs – From the Site of Grace at Rampart Tower, exit through the north door and descend to the left from the large platform where one of the Warhawks spawns. Follow a ledge down the cliffs until you come across a knight and the Stone.

Where can you obtain level 3 Somber Smithing Stones?

You must now leave the starting areas, as Limgrave and its surrounding areas do not provide sufficient Somber stones to raise your level above +2. Liurnia is a good starting point, as it provides several options.

  1. Iji the Blacksmith sells a set of three tier 3 Somber Stones for 4,000 Runes per piece.
  2. Four Belfries – Just north of the Four Belfries is a corpse sitting in a chair and holding a stone.
  3. North lake’s edge – Another chair containing a lootable corpse is located on the north side of the lake, on the higher cliffs.

Where can you obtain level 4 Somber Smithing Stones?

Now you should actually turn around and return to Limgrave, then travel directly through it into the desolate Caelid Region. In some cases, these will require some spelunking, as Smithing Stones generally require more and more skill as you progress, but we’ve listed the easiest options. Alternatively, return to Iji; he also sells a few stones of level 4.

  1. The Sellia Crystal Tunnel contains three distinct Tier 4 Stones that can be found on corpses and on the tunnel’s walls.
  2. Back in Gael Tunnel, this area contains a room with numerous octopi led by a colossal octopus. Here is a Stone for your collection.
  3. Caelid Minor Erdtree – To the east of the Minor Erdtree, on the edge of the land, is another Stone for you to collect.

Where can you obtain level 5 Somber Smithing Stones?

You can no longer rely on Iji to obtain the Stones; you must now do so by yourself. At this point in the game, you should have defeated Altus and possibly even Leyndell. If you’re having trouble getting past the doorman, we have a guide on how to defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring.

  1. In the section with the Abductor Virgin (the rolling, iron maiden robot), a tier 5 Stone is located on the Northwest wall.
  2. Bower of Bounty: To the southwest of this Site of Grace is a Teardrop Scarab; kill it to obtain the desired Stone.
  3. Erdtree Sanctuary – To the north of this Site of Grace is a small room containing a corpse and at least three Somber Smithing Stones!

Where can you obtain level 6 Somber Smithing Stones?

Now that we’ve reached the truly rare stones, there are fewer and fewer options beyond the farming methods listed at the bottom. The majority of tier 6 Stones are located underground, in areas such as Nokstella and the Deeproot Depths, but these are difficult to reach, especially if you haven’t completed the Elden Ring Ranni questline and its secret conclusion. Here is a list of the easiest ones above ground, although “easy” is becoming increasingly subjective.

  1. First Mt. Gelmir Campsite – Just south of this site of Grace is a chair-bound corpse with a wolf nearby. Retrieve the Stone you require from the corpse.
  2. Old Altus Tunnel – This dungeon contains two separate Stones, both of which are in the main chamber next to different storage sheds.
  3. Volcano Manor – Not the manorhouse itself, but the fiery village dungeon behind it, where you’ll find a fountain surrounded by lava slugs that are on fire. For the Stone, loot the corpse slouched over the fountain.

Where can you obtain level 7 Somber Smithing Stones?

At this point, you must have reached the late-game zones, and whereas early Somber Stones were generally discovered through exploration, many of these tier and higher stones are minor rewards for clearing difficult areas or killing minibosses. There are several options to investigate; Nokstella is particularly fertile ground for tier 7s, but it is also quite dangerous and difficult to access. Here are some easier, gentler options.

  1. Dung Eater’s Cell (Subterranean Shunning Grounds): Numerous hand-spiders, also known as “Fingercrawlers,” reside outside the cell of the Dung Eater beneath Leyndell. These have a (small) chance to drop Somber Stones of tier 7, and can therefore be farmed with patience.
  2. Within the Giant Skull – South of the Golden Seed tree in the connecting Forbidden Lands between Leyndell and the Grand Lift of Rold is a giant skull with a body slouched over one of its teeth. Get the Stone by pillaging the corpse.
  3. East of the Zamor Ruins – Once you’ve reached the Zamor Ruins, head east through the main road to find a Teardrop Scarab clinging to a tree. Kill it for the Stone of Sorrow.

Where can you obtain level 8 Somber Smithing Stones?

Now that we’re nearing the end of the upgrade line, your weapons will be close to their maximum effectiveness. To obtain Tier 8 Stones, you’ll need to explore late-game, difficult areas, such as the Mountaintops of the Giants, Crumbling Farum Azula, and even the Consecrated Snowfield (if you don’t know how to get there, see our page on how to reach the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring). Here are several excellent options for acquiring Somber Smithing Stones [8].

  1. Foot of the Forge – A large, teleporting Scarab in this area drops a Stone of Tier 8 upon death. Caution: it explodes upon death!
  2. Ancient Snow Valley Ruins – In the lower portion of the valley, south of the Site of Grace, is yet another Teardrop Scarab. Kill it for Stone’s sake.
  3. Consecrated Snowfield Minor Erdtree – Just west of this Tree, on some rocks, is another Scarab. Reduce it for a third Stone.

Where can you obtain level 9 Somber Smithing Stones?

Elden Ring has reached its maximum capacity for Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones, unless you intend to burn them on your special weapons. For these, you must be in the late game, and while there are a few scattered throughout the Snowfields and the Haligtree, it is (generally) easier to head to Crumbling Farum Azula to obtain what you need, so we’ll focus on that.

  1. Southwest Cliffs – From the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths Site of Grace, take the lift on the southwest side of the building to find a body beneath a tree. It contains a Tier 9 Somber Stone.
  2. Dragon Temple – There are two tier 9 stones in different locations here: one is just before the jump to the Dragon Temple, in some ruins with an item under an angled pillar. The other can be found on the lowest level of the temple by traveling west from the Site of Grace and following the path of floating stones down and through a tomb to a corpse between two pillars that can be looted.
  3. North of Dragon Temple – After exiting the Temple via the North exit, take the left-hand path down and across to the corridor with the dragon statues and curved stone staircase. Head up the stairs to an area with fallen pillars and a door for Elden Ring Stonesword Keys; the Stone is not behind the Imp door, but on a corpse behind a fallen pillar across from you (be careful of the beastmen who attack).


In Elden Ring, it is possible to farm each and every tier of Somber Smithing Stone safely. Though it appears that certain late-game foes have a (very low) chance to drop Smithing Stones, it’s much easier to locate all the Elden Ring Bell Bearing locations, as you can then return them to the Twin Finger Husks in Roundtable Hold and purchase an infinite amount of Somber Smithing Stones from tiers 1-9! Of course, they’re not all cheap, but if you’re strapped for cash, you can always go to any of our Elden Ring Rune farming locations and make powerful Runes with minimal effort.

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