Easy Ways How To Install Windows On Steam Deck Beginner’s Guide

The Steam Deck is more than a video game console. Let’s see how well it works with Windows.

How To Install Windows On Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a remarkable device that is much more than a handheld gaming system. It resembles a handheld PC. In addition to being able to play the majority of their Steam library on the go, players can also surf the web and run programs from its Linux-based operating system.

In a spring 2022 update, the Steam Deck will allow users to install and run Windows OS 10 and 11 on the device. Unfortunately, if you want to install Windows on the Steam Deck’s SSD, you will have to wipe the SSD. Erasing the SSD is not a good idea because it puts the user at risk and causes a lot of trouble. Therefore, until Steam releases an update to fix this, this guide will focus on running Windows 10 (or 11) on the Steam Deck with a micro-SD card.

Required Items/Programs 

  • A Windows PC
  • 32GB micro-SD USH 
  • 32GB USB flash drive 
  • SD Card reader – Keyboard and mouse (optional)
  • Download Windows OS files from this page.
  • Here you can download the USB Boot program Rufus.
download rufus

Here you can download the Windows Drivers.

Installing Windows On The Steam Deck 

  1. Ensure that the Windows Creation Tool from the aforementioned Windows website has been downloaded and is prepared.
  1. Launch the Windows Create Tool
  2. Select Create Installation and then navigate to the Windows 10 ISO file.
  3. Download and place the Windows driver files on a separate USB drive.
  4. the micro-SD reader and launch Rufus.
  5. Select Device from the Device menu.
  6. Navigate to the Windows ISO file and select it.
  7. Ensure Windows.iso is present in the Boot Selection menu.
  8. In the Image Option drop-down menu, choose Windows To Go.
  9. Select MBR in Scheme.
  10. Select the NTFS option in the Format Option. 
  11. Click the Prepared button.
  12. Turn off the Steam Deck’s power.
  13. Insert the microSD card into the SD slot on the Steam Deck’s bottom.
  14. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to access the Steam Deck boot menu.

From A Micro-SD Card, Windows On The Steam Deck

  1. Select Microsoft Windows from the boot menu. 
  2. Windows will load in portrait orientation.
  3. Players can now connect a keyboard and mouse or use the touchpad on the Steam Deck.
  4. Navigate to Settings > System > Display > Display Orientation in the menu bar.
  5. Select Landscape and rotate the display to the correct orientation.
  6. Connect the USB-C card reader to the Steam Deck and the USB containing the Windows Drivers files.
  7. Install the driver software.
  8. This allows Windows 10 or 11 to run on the Steam Deck without being installed on the SSD.
    The Steam Deck is available for purchase via the Steam website.

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