Easy Way to play Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks

A new open-world MMORPG called is currently available for PC, iOS, and Android gadgets.

It is regarded as Genshin Impact’s main rival because it makes use of the same gacha-based system to unlock special combat skills.

Additionally, there is a significant exploring component, so you should direct your character to look for chests, solve riddles, and destroy enemy strongholds.

Our Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide offers hints and shortcuts that can be useful early on but aren’t really directly stated in the game.

A daily level cap applies.

You can only get so far each day in Tower of Fantasy before you run against a barrier.
You can advance to level 18 on day one, level 24 on day two, and so on.
You can examine your Wanderer’s Log to know how far away the next capping point is since the levels correspond to the chapters there.

Having said that, you’ll be allowed to continue after the daily reset period is over.
Be advised that day one might be a little boring because there wasn’t much to do in the game until we reached about level 20.

The daily server reset occurs at 5 a.m.

The daily bounty, sign-in bonus, and other daily rewards reset at 5 a.m. EDT.
Wait until the reset period has passed if you run into a wall (as discussed above), at which point you can resume your daily tasks and progressing up.

Play as anybody you like because Simulcra are essentially skins.

You’ll notice that, unlike in Genshin Impact and other mobile games, you don’t actually add the characters to your party when you use the in-game gacha system to earn weapons and characters.

Instead, if you’d like to utilize that character as an avatar, you can activate the Simulacrum, but it will have no effect on their stats and will only be decorative.

Later on, when you offer the characters gifts, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain a “Simulacrum characteristic” that, depending on the character, will provide you different buffs.

Use your mount, don’t forget!

Since you spend so much time gliding and ascending, it’s simple to forget to mount up and ride while you’re out exploring.

Take advantage of your mounts whenever you are exploring because riding is substantially faster than sprinting.

Chests in the shapes of triangles and rectangles respawn, but orb-shaped ones do not.

Tower of Fantasy features a wide variety of chest types.
The ones with an orb shape give you gacha cash (Gold and Black Nucleus), while the ones with a triangle or rectangular shape provide you EXP and raw ingredients for enhancing things or producing food.

It is evident that the orb-shaped chests are more significant because they also contain Dark Crystals, the game’s premium money.

As you climb, double-jump to finesse the cliffs.

You can practically climb a large cliff indefinitely without worrying too much about your stamina by releasing off of the cliff, double-jumping, and then ascending the cliff once more.
You should get a lot of air from your double-jump, which will allow you to significantly overtax your stamina system.

Find additional Nucleus and chests with your map.

Symbols will show up close to you on your minimap if a puzzle that will yield a Black Nucleus or a treasure is nearby.

Naturally, an orb will serve as a mark for the orb-shaped boxes, while a diamond-shaped mark will serve as a mark for the Black Nucleus puzzles.

In order to solve these puzzles, you frequently need to quickly interact with adjacent objects, destroy walls with relics, or perform other similar rapid activities.

From the weapon storehouse menu, learn your weapon combinations.

Select your weapon of choice from the weapons menu by clicking “warehouse,” and then click the magnifying glass icon next to the weapon’s image to view all of its various skills.
You’ll want to learn how to utilize your arsenal’s various aerial and long-press skills because each weapon is unique.

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