Do You Know? Which Biome Will Be Updated Next in Minecraft

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Information about Update 1.20 will be shown at Minecraft Live 2022. It was announced in 2019 that the Badlands biome would be changed.

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has been constantly evolving, with annual updates introducing new mobs, blocks, items, and biomes as well as fixing bugs and adding new features. These yearly updates help the game feel fresh by providing players with new areas to explore and challenges to overcome, while ensuring that fans are actively involved in future update decisions. As a result of Mojang’s announcement of the three new Minecraft mobs that will be included in the Mob Vote during the upcoming Minecraft Live, fans are eagerly awaiting additional information on the 1.20 update.

A few years ago, Minecraft allowed players to vote on three biomes that would be updated in subsequent versions: Mountains, Swamps, and Badlands. In the subsequent update, Caves & Cliffs, players had the opportunity to experience the newly generated mountains. The most recent update to the game, The Wild Update, introduced the Mangrove Swamp as a new variant of the Swamp biome. Consequently, it is likely that Update 1.20 will introduce new mobs, items, and possibly even blocks to the Badlands biome, as well as a biome overhaul.

2019 MineCon Live

During the Biome vote at MineCon in 2019, Mojang revealed how it planned to update each of the three biomes. The Swamps were to feature frogs, mangrove trees, and the new Boat with Chest, while the Mountains were to contain goats, a new snow block, and multiple types of mountains for players to explore. All of these features were eventually added when the two biomes Caves & Cliffs and Wild were finally updated. Therefore, it is probable that what Mojang revealed about the Badlands Update will also be implemented in Minecraft.

In the lead-up to the 2019 MineCon, Mojang released a short video highlighting the features it planned to add to the Badlands biome to make it feel more alive. It was revealed that the Badlands mob is the Vulture, a passive mob that can pick up items after a player dies. Along with the new enemy, tumbleweed and a new type of Cactus that could be used as a food source were also introduced, making it easier to start out in the Badlands.

Badlands Update

The Badlands will become more challenging and rewarding for players as a result of the additions that have been promised and possibly others that Mojang has yet to reveal. The Badlands is one of the rarest biomes in the game, and players rarely go there because the only useful things there are the scattered terracotta and the chance of finding mine shafts above ground. Because of the changes made by the Badlands Update, the often-overlooked biome is likely to become a popular place for players to go.

Vultures will introduce a new danger for players. The mob will likely be passive, but it will pick up dropped items when a player dies, so those who die in the Badlands risk losing all of their valuable loot. The tumbleweed will make traversing the biome somewhat more difficult, as it appears to be able to hit and damage players, but it may also contain items that players can obtain by breaking it. The addition of the new cactus type will allow players to find food in the Badlands, making life in the biome much simpler.

All of these changes will make the Badlands better for players and bring the biome back to life. After the release of two major updates, Mojang will want to make sure that 1.20 is a success and add new content to encourage players to explore the Badlands. As Mojang prepares for the future of Minecraft beyond update 1.20, Minecraft Live may include a vote for a new biome, bringing the community together to celebrate a growing game.

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