Do You Know? There has been Work on a jaw-dropping Minecraft City for 11 years.

A player of the and survival game Minecraft shows off a beautiful city that was made by hundreds of volunteers over the course of eleven years.

There has been work on a jaw-dropping Minecraft city for 11 years

A creative player in the voxel-based sandbox game Minecraft has shown off a fully working city that took over 11 years and hundreds of volunteers to build. The huge building, which has skyscrapers, suburbs, highways, and its own airport, is even bigger than a recent Minecraft project that recreated Notre Dame Cathedral.

Minecraft, a crafting and survival sandbox game released in 2011 by creator Markus Persson’s Mojang Studios, has become the best-selling video game of all time in less than a decade. This impressive creation demonstrates how players exploring the procedurally generated, voxel-based world of Minecraft can use the game’s crafting and construction mechanics to create tools, shelters, and even entire cities. The ability to and construct virtually anything has led to some astonishingly inventive in-game creations, such as the player who spent 7,000 hours creating a Minecraft base with hot air balloons and floating islands.

Reddit user NJDaeger posted a screenshot of a Minecraft city that took over 500 volunteers and 11 years to build. The airport took 2.5 years to build in-game by itself. Many Minecraft players joked that it was hard for them to build even simple huts. In response to a single person’s question, NJDaeger said that the city’s many visible buildings were not just shells, but had full interiors.

Greenfield, a massive and intricate Minecraft city, required the contributions of hundreds of volunteers, each of whom was required to submit an application to be considered for the project. Greenfield, like any major city in the real world, consists of a number of distinct suburbs and districts, each with its own personality and architectural style. These kinds of large-scale constructions are common in Minecraft. Even though one player is attempting to fully recreate the popular indie game Undertale in Minecraft, Greenfield’s astounding level of detail sets it apart.

In the eleven years since its first release, Minecraft has gone from being an obscure independent game to one of the most well-known intellectual properties on the planet, with characters like the Creepers showing up on everything from controllers to stationery. Minecraft is one of the most interesting sandbox games because the player can build anything he or she wants, from a huge city to a Jenga tower, using real-world physics. The game seems likely to keep creative players building creative things for years to come.

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