Do You Know? Mojang may want more golems, according to the Minecraft Mob Vote.

Since the Minecraft Mob Vote has included new types of for the past few years, it is evident that would like to see more added to the game.

Mojang may want more golems, according to the Minecraft Mob Vote

The Mob Vote for Minecraft has become a highly anticipated event among fans over the past few years. A new type of golem has appeared as an option in multiple polls as a common type of mob. Mojang offered a type of golem called the copper golem in the 2021 Mob Vote. New mobs, including the tuff golem, have been added to the 2022 Minecraft Mob Vote. The copper golem from last year’s poll did not receive the most votes, but it appears that Mojang is pushing for more types of golems for Minecraft players to interact with.

There are not many types of golems in Minecraft at present. The game currently features the iron golem and the snow golem. Both iterations of golems in the standard edition of Minecraft are created by players using specific blocks and serve the purpose of defending the player from enemies. In addition to these, the Education Edition of Minecraft contains a golem called the agent. With the inclusion of golems in the Mob Vote, Mojang appears to be expanding the purpose of golems beyond attacking and defending. Mojang has plenty of options for creating new golems if it so chooses.

Mojang Wants to Expand Golem Functionality in Minecraft

In comparison to the golems already present in Minecraft, the golems that Mojang offered during the Mob Votes are unorthodox. The copper golem from the 2021 Mob Vote would have been drawn to and attempted to press copper buttons. The tuff golems from the 2022 Mob Vote would be able to carry and transport objects. Both of these functions are vastly different from the combat-focused iron golems and snow golems in Minecraft’s base game and suggest that Mojang intends to expand the use of golems in the game.

Mojang could use its current system for creating golems to create a variety of golems with different functions. In Minecraft, golems are typically created by placing a pumpkin on top of a specific type of block. Mojang could experiment with various combinations of blocks to create numerous types of golems. Golems made of rarer metals could be more powerful versions of the iron golem, and a golem made of wood could assist in tree felling, to name a few examples. There are innumerable ways in which golems could assist with automation.

Mojang Might Make Use Of Golems From Minecraft Spinoffs

Mojang’s desire to add more golems to Minecraft was implied by the numerous golems added to the game’s spinoffs. As both foes and allies, numerous types of golems appeared in Minecraft Dungeons. There were key golems, Redstone golems, obsidian monstrosities, and squall golems among the golems. The numerous types of golems in Minecraft Dungeons would fit in perfectly in Minecraft. Some of these could be crafted by the player, similar to iron and snow golems, while others could be encountered at random.

In addition to Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang also included golems in Minecraft: Story Mode. The character Romeo created these golems as a challenge for the other characters in the story. In contrast to the majority of golems in Minecraft Dungeons, players can observe the creation of these golems. Mojang had a good understanding of how these golems were constructed, and adding them to the main game would not be difficult. Similarly to iron golems, magma golems are constructed from magma blocks and jack-o’-lanterns. If Mojang desires to add more golems outside of Mob Vote, it already has a plethora of options to choose from.

The Mob Vote is a great way for Minecraft fans to have a direct say in how the game is made. Mojang has some truly excellent ideas for mobs, and it’s a shame that the Minecraft Mob Vote losers will never be implemented. Since Mojang has added golems to the game over the past few years, it is clear that it plans to add more golems and change how they work. The many golems in the spinoffs seem to prove this while also making it possible to make more golems. The 2022 Mob Vote has not yet concluded, so perhaps Mojang will have the opportunity to add a new golem.

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